NETFLIX, Our new source of entertainment and no doubt! From their series to movies, this turned out to be an absolute magnificent package of entertainment for all of us. Because whenever one feels down or is stressed after work, the only therapy that would work is NETFLIX! So why not leave all your worries of work and bills when you can just NETFLIX AND CHILL!!

So, these are the astounding Originals to be watched out on Netflix!


1.To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

If not this then what? You definitely can’t give this movie a miss because it’s a perfect instance of a teen romance where a teenage girl’s love letters are opened and exposed which leads to a chaos in her life!

2.The Kissing Booth

This is another masterpiece of teen romance beautifully depicted with great actors on the side and an amazingly interesting script. Check this film out because Noah & Elle are killing it in the film!

3.The Last Summer

Not last but this Summer! You surely got on to watch this Summer Teen film which has got a blend oflove and friendship and how they battle it out!

4.Set It Up

This is surely a fun one to watch and not a one to miss! It is basically a movie about 2 coworkers who try to set their bosses with each other to get themselves freed.

5.Someone Great

Friendship and adventure if that’s what you are looking for then this film is for you! But with a pinch of emotions here and there!

6.The Perfect Date

A Teen Romantic Comedy film starring the new teen favorite Noah Centinio on the lead is surely a thing to watch out for!

7.Bird Box

A perfect blend of drama, thrill and mystery as the film unfolds with time.

8.A Christmas Prince

A royal mess for a young journalist as she is sent abroad to take a dig on a prince’s life!

9.The Silence

Another Netflix Orignal, but an Horror one with horrifying creatures and thrills in it, is a must watch one!

10.Rajma Chawal

An Indian Netflix Orignals with a pinch of family emotions and more. Basically, revolving a father who tries to reconnect to his widower son through social media and also depicting a the new age father son relationship.

  • Series

1.Teen Wolf

Not a Netflix Orignal but an American Supernatural Teen Series available on Netflix is worth watching. Until Teen Wolf Werewolves were never this much fun to watch!

2.The Vampire Diaries

Yet another Non Originals of Netflix but this Series is an absolute stunner in its own. Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and what not! Also my personal favourite too!

3.The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

A Supernatural Horror series is definitely not the one to miss out! Half Witch Half Mortal, How interesting!


A teen drama and mystery genre and an absolute stunning star cast, makes it worth watching.

5.Shadow Hunters

This series will amuse you with visual thrillers and unfolding mysteries every season and what not!

These were the lists of movies and series to watch out for on Netflix!