Pets, be it any animal they illuminate our lives totally! When any pet comes home newly, especially a dog or a cat it's a feeling that one can relate to when a new born baby arrives at one's place, its surely an amazing feeling! Initially, the pet owners totally live a complete different life at home when a pet comes home, its an absolute pleasure and a stress buster too!

If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.

Thats not it, keeping pets at your place certainly has end number of benifits for your mental health and iniderctly adding and pouring happiness to your life.

These are the following benifits of having pets at your place

  1. Playing with pets can help you beat stress and depression, after a stressful day at work coming home to your pets would defintiely strike off all the stress and help you fight with depression, anxiety and also brighten up your moods at the same time.

  2. It can help you fight lonliness be it any person irrespective of their age as they help you defend issolence with their presence and companionship. Also taking them out for walks can help the pet owner socialise outside his place with the other pet owners, maybe a stroll with your dog in your near by garden can help you meet new people with their pets too!

  3. Increases your physical activites through going for running, walking with your pets, this can make you get fitter and active at the same time!

  4. Helps you overcome and cope up with situations like Loss of a close family member or any other similar occasions.

  5. Playing with a dog or a cat can help the pet owners to calm down and chill down a bit and face stressfull situations more sportingly.

  6. One of the studies have found that Heart attack patients with pets survive longer than those without.

  7. Pet owners who are senior citizens make 30 percent lesser visits to their doctors than those without pets.

  8. Pets can help you frame your own routine as taking care of your pets tends to make you follow a routine be it through feeding the pets, taking pets for a walk, their regular vaccinations, etc.

These were the amplifying powers of pets to enhance your lives and turn your home into a happy place!

Lastly, these are the heart touching pet quotes!