Many of them passed their 10th and 12th board exams recently, some of them would have aced it but some of them may have remained a mediocre in their grades. But would these grades decide their future? Can't say that actually, maybe partially it would and partially not. School students would have a great pressure of expectations over them during their school and college days be it from their parents, peers, teachers, relatives and who not! Getting your grades right has always been the priority of every parent for their kid.

This would come easy for the bright students, who don't have to undergo much pressure over their studies as their grades aren't their problem but it's not an easy task for students who are average or below average. These students not only are needled always but also end up listening to the taunts of their parents and teachers be it their home or school. The taunts like questioning their future and recalling them about what they are gonna end up with if they don't study well is a common one.

But is it that, that these average students go nowhere in life and don't suceed? Will their grades be always questioned against them? The answer is NO! These students if not good at studies would still find a place where they are good at and also lead a satisfying life! Not neccesirily true that the students who had great grades would be doing better than the average one. There are ample number of examples of school dropouts who have now turned out to be highly succesful in life! From Dhirubhai Ambani to Steve Jobs there are so many more who have gained high successes in life by working hard on other fields other than academics. Its just the ambition and passion which gets them there and not their grades!

There are also quite a few examples of successful people in front of us who didn't even graduate their college or are school droup outs

  1. Steve Jobs ( APPLE CEO)

  2. Hendry Ford ( FOUNDER OF FORD )

  3. Dhirubhai Ambani.

  4. Azim Premji ( FOUNDER OF WIPRO CO. )

  5. Sachin Tendulakar.

  6. Kapil Dev

  7. Amir Khan

  8. Mary Kom

  9. Salman Khan

  10. Smriti Irani.

But not all the time this would be the case, we can't ignore our grades completely in today's world as eduacation is on one of the top priorities as well. It's just a true fact that our Grades won't shape our future completely so people who feel less motivated with their grades won't question their future!