Competition – A New Driving Force.

Rishika Shetty
Jun 01, 2019   •  9 views

Competition, rivalry, an act of striving to be better than others by establishing dominance or gains over them. Competition has vivid dynamics because it’s existence varies from schools to offices, families to friends, sports to big multinational companies! Even commonly having contests with the people you surround with for achieving bigger in life turns out to be a kind of competition.

All you have to do is play better than the other guy and things go well. If you don't play better than the other players then somebody takes your place.
Bill Parcels

But coming straight to the point, the existence of competition shouldn’t be questioned because that indirectly acts as a driving force for us be it at any levels, be it an healthy or an unhealthy competition, it pushes you way too much to give out your best shot! But yes, unhealthy competition is not going to take you too far and is also going to limit your success, so having a healthy competition is no harm you may go for it! Personally, not having a competition over the things I work makes it dull and turns out to be no fun! How long will you compete with yourself, having healthy competitions with your mates or colleagues and having a competitive atmosphere around is definitely going to make you give the most enthusiastic attempt.

Advanatages of having competition with people around

  1. When you are in competition with somebody, you become more closer to your goals, as the competitive spirit in you make you give the best shot.

  2. When you have competitors around who observe you and viceverse, we tend to keep a proper check on our own activities and keep it on right track as we get concious!

  3. Competition gives you that push which you need to complete a task, if there is nobody for you to compete with, you tend to take challenges and tasks lightly and feel less motivated!

  4. Competition makes you more perfect in a way as competition helps you make youselves more sporty and take every step as a strong contender indirectly making yourself more better with every bit of step taken.

On my personal behalf, competition has helped me get through things more strongly and effortlessly when I take myself and get into challenges and competitions with others. I feel more motivated to work and taht competitive spirit keeps me going as you are not only competing with you competitor but also making your self better at the same time!

So, keep that competitive spirit alive and give the best shot of your endeavours!