Bharath Review - A Phenomenal One For The Salman Fans And An Above Average For The Rest!

Rishika Shetty
Jun 05, 2019   •  26 views

Bharath, an above average film for the Non Salman Fans and a phenomenal one for the Salman Fans. Starring Salman Khan And Katrina Kaif in the lead, Bharath is a film having mixed reviews coming up from the audiences.

Directed by Ali Abaaz Zafar, the script and the story line of the film is outstanding but on the contrary, the films screen play is way too slow and this doesn’t help the story line to stand out. Salman Khan and Sunil Grover’s duo is dynamic. Katrina’s Hindi speaking skills might bug you initially and you would surely want her to get into some good Hindi tution.

The film revolves around the time of the post independence period and Bharath, a common man’s promise to his father (Jackie Shroff) to keep his family together come what may! It ranges Bharath (SalmanKhan) from a young 8 year old kid to a 60 years old man.

The first half of the film itself gets emotions poured in but the comedy has surely helped it get balanced all together. The one line punches in the film are the actual masterpiece! All the songs are splendid, not forgetting Disha Patani in the song “Slow Motion”. The video that went viral recently of people dancing in the cinema hall when this song comes up in the film is an epic thing to watch!

An usual reaction from the person who watched it would be that the start is good enough but then the film takes a dip in the mid way. The songs in the film like “Chashni” and “Aithe Aah” keeps you engrossed into the film as it lightens up the vibe of the film. The best thing to watch out would be the age evolution of Salman Khan in a film, which goes to a 8 year old teenager to a 60 year man. It’s a moment of appreciation to the makeup team as well, to put up that age variation on face on a single actor over a period of time.

But from a non Salman Khan and Katriana fan's point of view, this film would look just above average and an ordinary piece of film and also a one time watch film. The way Katrina is trying to speak hindi in the film is not a good attempt of hers! Sunil Grover on the other hand has done a phenomenal job by playing his character with consistence through out the film, everyone would want a friend like Vilayti Khan indeed!

In a nut shell, it’s an average and an one time watch film. But surely, an Eid Present for all the Salman Fans out there!