So yes today we are gonna talk about the ISRO, Indian Space Research Organisation. India's one and only space organisation.

ISRO was founded in 1962 by Vikram Sarabhai headquartered in Bengaluru. Its vision is"harness space technology for national development while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration."[

On 19th april 1975, it made its first satellite named Aryabhata. And since then it has been on the peak in everything. After that in 1980 Rohini became the first to be placed in the orbit.

And till date they are doing their best in this industry and there are facts to prove it and here they go like..

->ISRO has done 101 spacecraft missions including 3 micro and 1 nano satellites.

-> 72 launch mission.

-> 9 student satellites.

-> 269 foreign satellites of 32 different countries.

Then on 22nd October 2008 it made a history by launching its first lunar orbitor Chandrayan-1. Which was the first to find water on moon with its moon mineralogy mapper.

And then on 5 November 2013, Mangalyan (MOM-mars orbitor mission) was launched making India the first nation to be successful in its first attempt and also fourth nation in the world to reach mars orbit and first in asia.

It was the cheapest of all the other mars orbitors.

And recently ISRO launched it second lunar exploration mission that is Chandrayan-2 on 22nd july 2019 from Sriharikota. It is the first of its kind by ISRO that it will land upon the moon's surface by a lander and then a rover will explore moon's surface and its environment.

In feb 2018 a record was made by launching 104 satellites at once a pslv c37.

So ISRO is the best space organisation according to its success and expenditure basis. And i believe its gonna be leading the whole world soon in the space industry.

thank you for reading 🙂