We see articles in our daily lives many times whether in our phones or social media apps, newspapers, magazines, templates, websites, etc. article writing is an important skill one should know. Many companies also ask the employees to write and submit the articles. Even the children in the schools are asked to write them with a time limit for which they are graded too. For writing any piece of writing you need to definitely practice and also keep these points in your mind which will help you a lot and make your article a better piece of writing.

1) Know you audience

While writing anything, especially articles, always keep in mind who your audience is, and write as if you are interacting or talking to them. Your audience would feel really engaged and they would probably not lose a track of what you have written or drift apart from your writing. You can also ask them some rhetorical questions and answer them as well.

2) Make catchy headings

Your piece of writing should always be attractive to the audience, for this you can make sure that you use catchy headings which are interesting for the audience. The writer always wants attention from their readers; this is an essential technique which would make sure that you get many people to read your article.

3) Grammar

Using appropriate grammar is the most essential trait you need to write well. If your article is grammatically incorrect, your audience won’t read it, however they maybe to read your article. Always learn to use proper grammar, not just while writing but also when you speak. You may also ask someone to proof read your article or there are apps like grammarly which check your article if there is any grammatical error and if there are, they will further correct your article.

4) Read

For writing well,, you also need to read other peoples’ work first and the criticisms which they received for their work; this will help you a lot. It will gain you tips of how can you write your articles better and provide you with a meaningful insight to your topic of writing the article.

5) Vocabulary

Use appropriate vocabulary. Try to use phrases and idioms which suit the best. See which words will fit better in your article and use them. You should always refer to your thesaurus while writing. Your audience wishes to gain knowledge from your article, so make sure they actually do.

Make it a practice to write as much as you can. A small step can lead you to do wonders in your professional life and otherwise too.



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