Things You Should Do Before Graduating

Rashmi Jain
May 18, 2019   •  20 views

Every student wants to get into a good and reputed college where they can pursue a good educational degree and simultaneously also live their college lives to the best. Before graduating, make a list of a number of fun ideas you wish to do in college and make sure you actually do them.Here are some of the things which I recommend you should do before graduating your college:

1. Lectures

Most of us have been bunking a number of lectures especially the early morning classes. As soon as we enter in our final year of graduation, we lose a track of attending classes and go on enjoying our last year or taking coaching for different competitive exams. For one time, try to attend all the lectures even the 8:30 class and participate in all of them very actively.

2. Go for trip

All of us have had planned many trips in these three years. Alas, it is very seldom that these plans work out and everybody agrees for the trip. For one last time, dumb all your excuses and mutually agree to a place which should definitely be a lot of fun and amazement.You may also volunteer yourself as the one organizing the trip and book all the hotels, places on everybody’s behalf. Set yourself a fun escape from the reality.

3. Protest

We all want to stay away from politics and have a different notion of being away in these matters, but it is important that we experience every sphere of this world and gain knowledge from all the opportunities that we get. Therefore, it is necessary to stand against/for a cause, go for rallies and march for the protest. This is also a life skill where you learn to stand for your right and know what is right and wrong.

4. Go for a night out

Make your last year full of all the memories. Grab your gang and go for a night out where you have never been to. Get everyone drunk and party hard. These memories will stay with you forever, so try to make them one of your life’s best experiences. Also, don’t forget to carry your camera as well so all those snaps are covered.

5. Feel nostalgic

I am sure you all remember the first day of your college where we all were anxious if we would make friends and how will these years go. Now as we have come to an end of this chapter of our lives, go with all your friends who have been a part of these years and head to your favorite places which you have been going to. Maybe this is the last time when you can all do that. Feel nostalgic.

while there is still time to make the best of your college life, always make efforts that these times turn to be a lifetime memory in your camera roll. Live your college life to the best!



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