Reading is a habit which many students inculcate while they are young. It is a very knowledgeable activity which every person should gain in their lifetime. It is recommended by many great scholars that one should have a habit of reading; not just children, but also adults.Phenomenal personalities like Steve Jobs, Barack Obama have a habit of reading every day and urge every world citizen for the same. There are many reasons why it is said that everybody should inculcate the habit of reading. When we read about things we come to know what other peoples’ opinions are. While considering their opinion, we can change ours and develop a new perspective towards different things in life.

It is recommended that every person should read newspaper. In fact, we should start our day by reading the newspaper. If we get into the habit of reading newspapers, our general knowledge will increase, being a citizen of this world, we will know what is going around the world and what issues we are facing, our vocabulary would increase as well as we would gradually also learn and adapt the grammar rules. Therefore, it is advised to read every day.

Reading is very good for your brain. Like every part needs some exercise, your brain needs it too. So feed your brain while reading many things like novels, short stories, etc. It is proven that reading a novel will increase your blood flow and improve the connectivity in the brain.

For writing good and effective writing materials, you need knowledge of the subject matter and for gaining the same; you need to read as many write-ups as possible as well as their criticisms, so that you know where you might go wrong. Work smarter and have knowledge of everything.

There are so many job professions where you need good conversation skills. For mastering this skill, you need to read things. It will help you articulate how to use phrases, words and the right vocabulary at the right place.

There are so many instances when we read a good novel and we are so engaged by the story that we do not want to drop that book. So, an essential habit which will build along when you read is focus and concentration. So, while you are reading for fun and enjoyment, you can hone your skills of focusing and concentration too.

Whenever you are sitting idle, make sure that you grab a piece of writing and start reading it as it has a number of benefits listed above. If you are a beginner and want to make reading your habit, start with reading small articles or short stories. In no time you will see yourself completely loving this habit.



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