Exams are a time for stress and worry. No student wants to appear for the exams, but it is the system and pressures which urges us to appear for them.We not only see ourselves on the basis of how much can we perform from our ability, but also judge ourselves on the basis of how our peer group performs. Scoring good in exams is itself a race where every student rushes upon scoring good marks and generally do not study for their own knowledge, but to score good and achievable remarks that does not match their expectations but more of what the society expects them to.So, it is considered a worthwhile phenomenon to have good marks. It is not only important to merely educate ourselves with the particular subject, but also study smartly for the exams. Here are the ways through which you can ace your examinations-

1.Time Management

Time management is a very important skill which you should learn so that you can finish your paper in time. For excelling in this, you should set timer at home while solving sample papers and do it exactly as you would do in the exams. It is also an important life skill which every individual should master.

2.Previous Year Question Papers

There are times when we are totally clueless as to what type of questions would come in the paper. This is your key to this problem. Solve as many question paper as you can, it gives you an idea of the questions that may come in the exam. Also, in many cases, the questions are repeated again of the previous year papers.

3.Read Instructions

There are a number of cases among children where they are given choices to attend several questions, but they do not bother to read the instructions carefully. There are even situations when a question is left. So, before beginning your paper make sure to read all the instructions carefully and mark the questions which you decide to attempt.


The teachers have to correct bundles of papers and if we look psychologically, they may get exhausted while doing so. You get a pretty chance here to impress the teacher by presenting a neat and clean answer tips. For example, you can underline the important points of an answer with a pencil, you can draw margins on one side of your sheet, write neatly, etc.


Some of us do not like to re-read what answers we wrote in the sheet, but it is however important to revise what we have written. We should also check whether we have attempted all the questions or not. While revising the answers, we may come across any important point which we would have missed. Therefore, it is important that we revise all the answers in the end.

Keep these tips in mind for all your exams and use them whenever you can. These will help you to score a lot better. Try these tips and see for yourself the magnitude of change you get in your marks.



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Time management is really very important!!