Platonic feelings: (of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual.

(in better easier words, friendly feelings)

Platonic feelings really leave one feeling warm inside, without having a romantic factor or aspect.

I've grown to love my friends platonically without ever experiencing "love" (romantically, though I'm sure I've got the rest of my life for it) which is why it is more beautiful for me. And I've come to a conclusion that it is a really heartwarming feeling without bounds. ( But it is just as heart-wrenching when it disappears)

This writeup is especially dedicated to all the friends that you feel "feelings" for but yet have no "feelings" for. It's complicated but not really.

There's no need to actually have romantic feelings or the other gendered friends, no matter how many times you've heard the typical "a guy and a girl cannot be just friends". Really? I've been friends with few guys and its working out just fine.

We are going to jump to the part where these platonic feelings become so affectionate that you feel so lucky to have someone in your life. Be it your best friend or that one uncle who you meet once a week and gives you life advice without asking what your name is. Platonic feelings are pure like that, you don't really have to know each other on a physical level to feel it. You don't have to be the same age or have the same thoughts for the matter and yet make it work. Sometimes just being in their presence is enough because you like them, just like that.

Have you ever felt that rush of happiness when you see your best friend, like, this is my best friend, I'm so lucky, just look at this cute homo-sapien that has graced me with their company for life, and I love you in the most platonic sense!

I feel a whole lot of comfort when someone smiles so wide that their eyes nearly closed because they cannot fight their smile, especially when they smile because of me, or when they start giggling. And that I made someone feel so beautiful. That is a platonic sense of affection.

And you know that feeling you feel when your friend points out a habit you have, life tilting your head a bit to the right when you are confused, a habit you yourself didn't know you had?

Yeah, knowing someone knows a few details about you that you yourself miss is so cute. I like knowing when people talk about me in the most general manner.


Yes, that's a thing. I'm sure you've felt that without knowing what it is called.

Having a platonic crush on someone is similar to having a romantic crush on someone, the difference is only a little, yet a lot.

You do want to talk for hours, impress them, but not wanting to seem too eager about it. the difference is that instead of wanting to go on dates, kiss them, holding them, you want to just rent all the movies and make a fort blanket and have a sleepover with them. It is slightly discerning but normal. It's a squishy feeling. (You are squishy, I will name you squishy and you shall be mine!)

More like you throw a Pokeball to someone and yell, you, Human! I choose you to be my companion in the most platonic way and share all my secrets, all my memories and happy moments without falling in love with you. Use your power of a hug to make me feel better!

And you know why there aren't any breakups for friendships, but they hurt just as much?

Because it is not something like they call you out and say that "it's not working anymore, it's not you, it's me" or "I don't feel the same way anymore", "I love someone else now" or whatever reasons people say when they break up.

Friends drift away.

It is like, "my mom said no", "I'm a bit busy that day" "we'll see". At times it is distances. When you try giving them a bit of space to think and they turn into distances that you can no longer cover up.

When the cracks are too much to plaster over, and it's all just useless and a shell of what it used to be.

Friends can break your heart too.

And the worst, when you are replaced.

The sad thing about friendship breakups is that it doesn't offer closure.

If you feel like this for your friends don't forget to share this, let them know that you love them with all your heart and love them for who they are in your life.



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