The Societal Pressure To Look Good, And Do's And Don'ts For It.

Rashmi Bari
May 19, 2019   •  16 views

If you think that you are a wild spirit free from the clutches of the society and its pressure which rules how you look, then let me say... maybe. Because this is not a yes or no answer for you guys.

Everyone no matter at what point in their lifetime has felt incompetent and conscious about how they look. We've at least felt that someone else looks better (before we thought about growing our self-esteem) and that we want to look like someone else.

It's not just you, everyone else feels that too. Even those skinny fit models you see in the media. And wanting to look is nothing bad, don't get me wrong.

Looking good is on everyone's wish list, but why we want to look good is a reason that defines our emotions regarding looks.

And by do it, I mean take efforts if you think you need to look good.

  • If you want to look good because passing through shops and the reflection on the window of you makes you feel confident then go girl/boy! DO IT!

  • If you want to do it because you want to impress someone genuinely then, do it!

  • If you want to do it because you want to check out this new style of look, do it!

  • If you want to do it because its what you want and just because, do it!


There's always a but, isn't there? Everything that includes society comes with it. Terms and conditions.

  • If you are doing it because only good looking people get attention, then don't!

  • If you are doing it because of there's no other way to avoid judgement from family, friends or colleagues, then don't!

  • If you are doing it because it's expected of you to put on a mask for someone else, then don't!

  • If you are doing it to get accepted by people who don't value you otherwise, then don't!

  • If you are doing it because of society's pressure, then don't!

There's more to life then caking up yourself just because there's a society that doesn't value as a person without good looks.

And let's get real, those societal expectations are quite unrealistic.
Skinny girls get shamed nowadays, (after the whole thick/ curvy girls are better thing popped up) even when there are models out there skipping diet to look the way they do. Chubby, fat people get shamed all the time.

Boys need to have 6 pack abs or veiny hands or a sharp jawline to be considered handsome.

Like... Why?

But if you want to do it because you feel dressing up, doing makeup, being good looking is an art form, a transformation that makes you feel empowered and confident then, do it!

Nothing is stopping you from being a good looking person, except lack of self-esteem, and self-doubt and a lack of smile.

Carry yourself with confidence and at least have three dress/ clothing styles that make you feel both comfortable and beautiful/ handsome, think positive thoughts and smile that sunshine smile of yours.

And that, according to me is enough of a recipe to be deemed a good looking person.

A clear reason behind your actions is enough to help you decide whether what you do makes you happy or not. (And "just because society expects me to" shouldn't be one of them.)


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Good one!