Yes, I am very much aware that the movie and book is about racism, but I felt that the title was apt.

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.

( In easier words, it is an unnecessary fear of something.)


dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people. (Of as the word "phobia" in it suggests, unnecessary fear of homosexual people)

If you are reading this to know the clinical definitions, symptoms or treatment or anything like that, let me suggest you google it.

Because this is gonna be a long rant (yet not long enough) about how people can be such douchebags to other humans just on their bias and prejudice against a community that has done them no harm.

So get ready, put on your seatbelts to get on a ride of my coffee induced sugar high roller coaster ride of emotions as an ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

To all the homophobic people out there! What is it? Why do you hate the LGBTQ+ community? Because they don't swing the way you do? Because they don't swing your way?

Well, I can't play the piano to save my life, but I don't see a pianist hating me for it. And yes, I know these two are different things, but the gist is the same. I mean, you get the gist. And if you don't then you are not mature enough to hate someone or give an opinion like that.

Now that I got that out of my system, let's get down to the hate part.

( I agree with this statement up here so much, that if you replace racism with anything else, like for example, homophobia, it is still valid.)

Hate is taught and not inherited. (Yes, hating terrorists and vile people is justified, but what has the LGBTQ community ever done to you?)

So if you are going around parading a stupid defence like "This is what I was brought up in, my parents taught me this and hate the gay people just as much as I do (Insert religious reasons that are totally invalid because its 2019 folks, get on with the times and whatever non religious reasons they give and blah blah blah..." Notice for a fact that I don't actually care about your uneducated opinion enough to hear or write it completely). Because all I hear is "I am a grown ass adult who can not make decisions for themselves. And cannot differentiate between right and wrong, between hating and supporting someone whose life choices do not in face impact mine, and judge people for the life something they cannot just choose, for eg, their sexuality."

(Though saying "I am an idiot" is a lot faster and easier, so I suggest you stick to that)

Now, there are other ways to deal with this if you aren't supportive of the LGBTQ people. If you are close to the hate part on the acceptance scale. Its called ignorance. (I'm sure you've practised it a lot when there comes an issue of LGBTQ+ rights and equality)


such topics/people/crowds, if you cannot maintain a civil and polite conversation without dragging them down for their sexuality. If they are acting like a scumbag, go ahead, but their sexuality shouldn't be something you have a say on.

Keep your thought and opinions to yourself. They are unwanted and unneeded.

I will only respect your opinion if it doesn't disrespect someone else's existence.
"If you cant support then don't hate either"

Ever heard the parents say "seeing gay people will turn my kid gay." Dude! Gay people have been around the straight folks for a their whole life and they don't turn straight because of that. Crushing on straight people is still that, because they are still crushing on the same gender.

Yeah, it doesn't work like that.

A-An-And what even is the straight pride? (yes, I stuttered in writing, because that's what happened in my head when I heard something as absurd as this). Straight march, stright celebration week? How competetive and privileged are you guys that you cannot even let someone have a thing for themselves as their own without ruining it?

They celebrate themselves because they had to go through and still go through a lot to get as much as amount of freedom that they get. I don't remember straight people being scrutinized for being stright.

And last but not the least, the words "faggot, gay, no homo, that is so gay, retared and lame" hurt. They classify as bullying and you practising your right of free speech is gonna cost someone their life.

So speak and take rsponsibility for what you say.

I'll end my rant here without going into the horrendous act called 'conversion therapy' as it might trigger someone who's been through it. And an act that homophobic parents make their children suffer through. Maybe someday later.

P.S. I a just going to post two more pics, just because.

There, now I can end this rant in temporary peace.



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Amazing! I have written an article about pride parade in amritsar. You'd love that.
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Great. Judging a community, just on your personal thoughts, can never be marked appropriate. Hatred is not the solution. Support the one who needs it, let him live his life, at its full.