I was just going through my Pinterest board when I saw a pin that said, "humans are weird". It didn't sound that weird to me because i think that on a daily basis, because why else would my sister enjoy her Maggi with tomato sauce and mayo mixed in it? Because she's weird, that's why.

But other than that I've noticed or thought that we might come off as weird to other species (alien or supernatural) if they were to ever meet us for real.

  • for eg. whenever we are happy or sad, or if we want to console someone else, we put our arms around each other for comfort and safety. I mean, if I wasn't accustomed to it, I would surely find someone draping themselves over another person and squishing them just because.

  • Another thing that baffles me, the differences in handwriting. We may all write the same words and letters, but the handwriting differs. Reading every different handwriting is like imagining the person's voice. I don't know if I'm the only one thinking this, but every different writing makes it sound different when I read it in my head.

  • And next, our willingness to become sad for entertainment. Watching movies is such a weird thing if you ask me, we choose to be sad, cry, feel anger, embarrassment and pain just for the cause of entertainment.

And many more to list but maybe someday later.

Till then, enjoy your quirky weirdness.



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