Healthy Relationships And Its Requirements

Rashmi Bari
May 19, 2019   •  22 views

When we hear the word “relationships” it's very likely to think of romantic relationships, but today this Wrytup is going to include all types of relationships.

Family, friendly, platonic, business and romantic.
Relationships can go sour, be it with your significant other or your family. There is no relationship that isn't in the danger to break, so I hope you agree with what I have written down below. Its for the general relationships.

Now, I'm sure everyone thinks that their relations should be based on trust, loyalty, love and kindness. But how many of us have been spared by the harsh reality of unhealthy relationships?

Because let's face it, we all have the experience, be it first hand or second hand, with toxic relations.

Then, let's get down to it folks!

The "101 on healthy and toxic relations".
For the start, let's check the positive side: healthy relations.

Firstly- Communication is the key.
Every healthy relationship requires communication. Misunderstandings arise, arguments take place and there are disputes and disagreements. But talking it out is the best choice to solve them.

If you don't clear out the air when you can, things blow out of proportion and it gets harder to salvage the relation.

Be it romantic or platonic, relations basically work on communication.

Secondly- Trust
If you can communicate but what you say is a lie, then it's still down the drain.
There should be mutual trust between the people involved because what exactly is the meaning of talking it out if all it is is empty words.

If I cannot trust you and your words then what exactly is the point?
Trust is a primary need for a successful relationship.
It's the groundwork for the feelings that arise later on.

Thirdly- Loyalty
This one goes hand in hand with trust.
If you aren't loyal to the people who trust you then it's an insult to both of you.
If opportunity dictates your loyalty then something is very wrong with your character.
Staying loyal isn't that hard if you genuinely love someone. Backstabbing or betrayal shouldn't cross your mind when given the opportunity because if it does, then the relation was already shallow.

Trust fades and loyalty vanishes. And so do feelings. Keep that in mind.

Do you know what's worse than feeling hatred from someone you betrayed?

Because you and your betrayal weren't even worth getting angry over.

Fourth- Respect
It doesn't matter what relationship you are in but if you cannot feel respect for the other person then you cannot expect from the other.

Respect the people around you because making them feel inferior or worthless is the road to destruction, both, the relationship and yourself. And demand it if necessary.

You shouldn't feel like you have to be a doormat for the other person to be in the specific kind of relationship.

As it's said, a friend turned enemy is scarier than an enemy from the start.

You cannot be a disrespectful brat and expect to be respected.

Helping out the other person in times of trouble is a must because that's how trust is built.
Spending time together, talking about your feelings, making each other feel special is what makes a relationship last.

And last but not least- Support

Isn't this a given?
Support each other through troubles no matter what, because you are expected to carry out the role you are given. Be it of a son, daughter, mom, father, or even a significant other. Support is necessary.

But know when you have to stop the other from diving into troubles, stop the person you love from searching for problems (because some people are just trouble magnets.).

It doesn't have to matter if you can provide a solution or not, what matters is that you were there when they needed you.

These are not the only things required for a healthy relationship, but these form the base for all the relationships no matter the context of it.

I know I haven't added in love and intimacy, but I think that those feeling come after all the above ones are satisfied. I personally feel that love comes secondary because it holds a deeper meaning and becomes a meaningless word if any of the above is left unaccomplished.

Every relation is a "give and take" relationship. Give as much as you receive, be it love, support or trust. Being just on the giving end will exhaust you and vice versa.

Next coming up, Toxic relationships.
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