Cyberbullying: Haters Gonna Hate

Rashmi Bari
May 29, 2019   •  43 views

Everyone who's ever had a social media account has thought twice before posting a picture, video or any kind of post. And has had a moment of doubt whether or not this will invite in hate.

And if you never thought about doing so, then either every aspect your life is perfect, and dude! You must be perfection in and at everything or you are lying. I'm betting on the latter one.

Cyberbullying comes on for any type of post, comment or anything on social media. Be it a positive or negative(this one is given). Anyways, what I am trying to say is that people are and can be really mean at times.

Cyberbullying is a punishable offence, but people are really gutsy and getting more so every day. Day by days people go about saying or posting at least a mean comment, (if not hate) somewhere, under the rights of free speech.

And you know what, if you know (or are) someone like that, saying they are not like that in real life is a poor defence.

Is the internet real? Yes.

Are the people who post on it real? Yes.

Then the person is like that in real life.

Social media is just a platform for them to on a rampage with their words and not get punched in their face for it.

It is just a weapon for them, to sit behind a screen and give their actual views under the protection of a mask of fake account.

Cyberbullying is really offensive if the word "bullying" didn't give you guys an idea yet.
And it really baffles me how being rude or impolite to someone who is just posting something they had a thought for sharing can bring you satisfaction.

Cyberbullying can kill people in real life. You're words that you just meant as a "joke" will end up being the last words someone has ever seen. You giving a contructive critism can be fatal to someone you don't even know.

I mean, Why? Just plain why?
Why do something so wrong that can reasult in ending someone's life? Does that ease your conscious, to know that you killed someone with just your words?

Because the person who is going to on the recieving end of all that hate you give, has an actual family, dreams, a life worth living and ambitions. And you might end up being the cause of misery, not just for the person alone, but everyone who loves them.

Yes, I know there is a difference between a "correcting comment" and "hate comment". And please feel free to "correct" someone. But I'm sure even that has some kind of mannerism and way of saying.

The world needs good people, guys. Spread love. Not hate.

And do write down comments on what you think about this wrytup.