Consent Should Be Explicit Not "I Thought"

Rashmi Bari
Jun 01, 2019   •  10 views

How hard is this small sentence to understand?
It has two sentences combined into one so is it the sentence formation? The way it is pronounced? Or are people who disregard consent just mentally done for? As in, the meaning just doesn't register into their brain?

If you cannot understand what consent means then you are too young to get into activities that need it.

I'm too frustrated about how people don't get it to beat around the bush so I'll get to the point.

We've come a long way across to keep saying "no means no". We've passed that station long ago but people still are hung up on what it means. Many feminists/ women keep saying that "consent is mandatory" but why is that necessary I ask?

But I'm still gonna make it clear just because it needs to be done.

1) Safety:

It does not consent if saying no is not a safe choice. if she/he is in danger to be assaulted mentally/emotionally/ physically then she/he never had the choice to say yes or no in the first place. it does not consent if saying no is a safe choice because there wasn't a choice, to begin with.

forced consent is not consent.

2) Drunk consent:

ARE YOU SERIOUS? this should be self-explanatory but some scumbags need an explanation for everything. (and that is wrong too. people shouldn't have to explain themselves to you just because you are being difficult when they gave you an answer you didn't want to hear and that doesn't benefit you). In what state of mind is thinking "the person is willing just because they are drunk" normal? Intoxication was never, and will never be a synonym to consent. If she/he cannot say no, then she didn't say yes either.

3) Friendzone:

this one needs a special Wrytup so wait for it. I'll especially write a whole Wrytup just because the people who come under this category need a bit more special attention because they are douchebags on that level.

4) Marital consent:

just because you are married doesn't mean that your spouse is always willing for everything. Personal spaces and boundaries should be respected no matter the status of your relationship. Whatever it is,

"married" does not mean "willing". It is still marital rape, if they didnt clearly say "yes".

Do not for one second think that your spouse owes you something just because you married each other. you married them, you didn't do huge favour. get that in your head.

5)When in a relationship, it's alright to go ahead:

Nope! It's not if they didn't say so. the same rules as marital consent apply to this. Just because they are your significant other does not mean that you are entitled to their body.

6) Inviting over:

I don't know why the notion of "when you invite someone over, and they accept, then they are also accepting to everything you meant in the subtext" is even going on. (which they don't have an idea about) So in the end when they come over to your place, you directly feel that they are okay with everything. Because suddenly, being alone in your territory makes your hormones act up.

I could go on but I'll stop here.

We'll always have people who ignore indications and signs of discomfort that people show. And they can also be as stupid jackasses as to not understand a simple "no".

But I guess we've covered that even a well-trained dog knows what "no" means, and gets put down in a dog cage when it acts up.

So who exactly needs to be caught and put down when they don't get it?