This writeup is gonna be an appreciation post for all the boys because they deserve it.

We've all heard of parents calling these endearing names to their daughters, "princess", "queen", "doll", "sweetie", and are always told that they are amazing and beautiful, even after they grow up.

But I've noticed that many a time, boys do not get called such endearing names, they do not get the same kind of motivation that girls do.

Boys need that too. Many times we are so cruel as to teach them that "real men don't cry" that we forget that they are human before they are a particular gender in the human society stereotypes.

So this writeup is a shoutout to all the boys.

  • Here's to the boys who are a bit chubby and called fat.

  • To the boys who are a bit lanky, a bit stout, too tall, too short.

  • To the boys with a birthmark that's too obvious and don't like it.

  • To the boys who are too quiet and enjoy the peace, to the boys who like to be surrounded by people and like having a company to talk with.

  • To all the boys that don't fit into stereotypes and still do what they love.

  • To the boys who have crushes on someone unattainable but like them anyways.

  • To the boys who have a perfect life according to everyone but still broken inside.

  • To the boys who don't love themselves but still live on for those they love and who love them.

  • To the boys with anxiety, depression, autism.

  • To the boys who like sports but are bad at them, and to the ones who don't like sport but play them because that's how you get a scholarship.

  • To all the boys with dimples and the ones with none.

  • To all the boys with darker skin and the ones with fairer.

Here's to all the boys,

You are amazing and deserve all the love.

You are smart, handsome, funny and valid no matter what the society tells you.

You don't need to be perfect, you just need to be you.

You are a prince, a warrior, a warlock, a superhero if that what you wanna be, let no one tell you otherwise.

Start romanticising yourselves, because that's how much you are worth and keep smiling.



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Khushi B  •  3y  •  Reply
Totally agreed! Boys too need a break from toxic masculinity.