Bollywood’S Horrifying Sexism

Radha Dwivedi
Jul 26, 2019   •  36 views

Bollywood, alongside Hollywood is chauvinist just as supremacist. Even mega superstars like Samuel L. Jackson in have confronted prejudice eventually of their profession.
Discussing sexism, it is prelevant even today! There have been chauvinist exchanges, scenes just as songs in Bollywood that are so explicitly misogynist that it's a puzzle how the censor board passed it. Furthermore, no, not every one of them are later. There are old melodies too which are similarly misogynist.

1. Jumma Chumma De De

“Are tu boli thi pichhle jumme ko

Chumma dungi agle jumme ko

Aaj jumma hai to aaja aaja

Aaja aaja aaja aaja”

Would you be able to envision 500 odd men shouting for you and requesting that you kiss some man? This is actually what poor Jumma needed to experience in this melody. They sprinkle water on her, more than once encompass her and request that she kiss a man since she had promised to kiss him on Fridayyy.

2. Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast

“Tu cheez badi hai mast mast tu cheez badi hai mast”

This melody was highlighted in the 1994 film "Mohra" which was broadly acclaimed for it's music. The consequence of this melody, aside from the tremendous job it's played in the lives of roadside eve-teasers.

3. Fevicol Se

“Naina hum ladayenge baby doll se

Ho laundiya patayenge miss call se"

Flashback to my childhood days, I remember getting stitched Kareena’s pink dress from “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” (fondly calledK3G). Poo was my inspiration. I couldn’t hold a conversation without quoting one of her dialogues. Then came Geet from “Jab We Met” and I just fell deeper and deeper in love. So by the time Kareena’s Fevicol Se had come out, I was hooked. She looked gorgeous, yes. But I just couldn’t get past the objectifying lyrics that she was lip syncing to. At a time when we were finally talking about objectification of women in Bollywood, this song came along and told us that we’re actually‘tandoori murgis,’here for consumption.

4. Brown Rang

“Ban mitra di whore

I mean mitra di ho”

For me, the hardest piece of composing this article was picking which Honey Singh tune to put on the rundown, every one I found was more regrettable than the last. In any case, I, at last, chose this magnificence wherein he tells a young lady that a) he never contacts anything sub-standard b) he will surrender sex with white young ladies for darker young ladies and c) that he's as yet ready to give this dark-colored young lady the brilliant chance to be his possession.

5. Lak 28 Kudi Da

“Hun moti da viah hogiya, tu rehe gayi kanwaari

Dieting karke hogi mari”

One Yo yo song isn't sufficient, so here, take another. Alongside him and a lot to my disappointment is Punjabi hotshot Diljit Dosanjh.

This melody is about a lady who weighs 47 kgs and has a waist of 28 inches. This melody, with its snappy beats and periodic moaning by a lady out of sight, again diminishes ladies just to their body and furthermore discloses to her that while she was occupied with eating fewer carbs, the 'chubby young lady' as of now got hitched. Taking everything into account, dainty bodies? Fat bodies? All inadmissible.