Recalling the 90s, Bollywood stars were everything for us - move legends, sentiment teachers, activity saints and, deplorably, design symbols. We were kids, we didn't know any better and, in our eyes, these stars couldn't assume the accuse regardless. Regardless of whether they moved on New York avenues in abnormal, printed sarong skirts.

crop Tops

Truly, this pattern is currently very hot and however it was begun by Salman Khan, it has turned into a wrath in ladies. Would you be able to think about what it is?

All things considered, we are discussing yield tops. Salman Khan was most likely among the first to attempt a harvest top. The pattern is one of the most sizzling at the present time and no, men have not set out to give it a shot like Salman Khan.

in 1997 when Judwa discharged, Salman Khan was seen wearing a harvest top in the tune Tan Tana Tan.

In 2000, with the release of Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega, he sported the trend once again in the song Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho.

Orange Swans

This outfit is really a style fiasco notwithstanding during the 1990s. the Two swans were covering her boobs. The general outfit feels like different shades of orange clothes were sewed together.

Ripped Ganji

Ripped jeans is okay but ripped ganji is a BIG NO!


Kurta look is pleasant. Shirt look is pleasant. A frightful blend of both is no place near decent. Rani Mukerji was found in her best job and most exceedingly awful garments in "Bunty aur Babli". The "Babli Kurta" is one pattern that passed on for good.

Captain Cap

Caps never exit of style especially due to the fact they are part of that vital listing which comes available to folks who want to shield their face from harsh sun rays or their receding hairline from mean, judging eyes! But Aamir Khan's white-black and gold captain cap ought to in no way be everyone's choice for the natural cause for its being totally out of context! Why might one put on a army cap on a informal outfit! Appalling!

Random Graphics Shirt

The list for bad portraits on clothing is limitless. Floral prints, neon health club put on, animal prints and so forth are a complete no if you need to affect together with your style. But there is one trend that has almost examined our endurance threshold - random images shirts. While it's ok to have Stewie Griffin all over your secure pyjamas however definitely unacceptable to have a mosaic of random doodles and characters all over your shirt.

Polka Dots

Bollywood films have always inspired fashion trends. But sometimes these styles have terribly gone wrong. Have a look!

Polka dot is one trend statement that may make you appearance desirable, but if you make a horrific choice it may make you appearance definitely silly. The big hideous circles supply a clown like look. Vidya Balan explains it pretty well why one ought to not move for polka dots.

Floral Shirts for Men

Floral Shirts are a large no for work, a bigger no for a date and a no even for purchasing or circle of relatives dinner until you need all and sundry to eye you in amusement. So if you have already purchased them, store them on your seashore vacation!