Sunday Book Market: Heaven For Bookworms

Priyasha Dureja
Jul 23, 2019   •  19 views

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

If you are a Book Nerd and finding a place where you can get books at a cheap price; Then this article is for you.

Presenting you Sunday Book Market, located on Asaf Ali Road, Daryaganj where you can find books both new and second hand. Nearest metro station to this market is Delhi Gate.

Here, on every Sunday, you can see Books everywhere. And the cherry on the cake is that they are sold at extremely cheap prices. So, you can buy lots of books at one go.

But before going to this market, Here are a few of the points and facts you need to know:

  • This Sunday Book market is 1 km long, located on Asaf Ali Road till a bridge on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. Hence, you need to be prepared for walking over this distance.

  • The market starts at 9 am on sunday and is open till 6pm. Try to go in the morning itself and wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk for long and without any irritation or worry.

  • From Novels to School books, you can find any types of books here in this market and not only this, but the books are available at very cheap prices i.e. starting from Rs. 10.

  • Not only Books but you can also find Stationary and register here and these also at low prices. Thus, A complete shopping mart not only for Bookworms but also for students too.

  • As here is a variety of books, some booksellers tend to sell by the kilo and some of them sell 2-3 books at a certain rate, say 3 books for Rs. 100.

  • You might be having old books too which you don't want to throw as they are but are taking lots of space in your wardrobe. Here, in this market you can sell your old books too and also can exchange these books with new ones too.

  • It is obvious that you will feel hungry after exploring this long Book market. There are lot many food stalls and restaurants and plus this market is located in the streets of old Delhi, so you can find famous food stalls as well.

  • Bargaining should be on your fingertips. Although, Books are already sold at a cheap price but when going to buy bulk, then you can bargain it. But, you should also know that sellers too are informed and knowledgeable that books here are already sold at a low price.