Life Lessons From The Movie "Dear Zindagi"

Priyasha Dureja
Aug 18, 2019   •  68 views

Gauri Shinde is an Inspiring director who is giving us movies like English Vinglish and now Dear Zindagi.

Imagine when you see your life falling apart, what will you do ? And what if you are just a young adult figuring out what you really have to do with your life ? During that case, it may be difficult for you to think about it in a positive way.

"Dear Zindagi" is a movie directed by Gauri shinde in 2016. The plot revolves around Kiara ( Alia Bhatt ) who is totally screwed up because of her career and relationships. She approaches Dr. Jahangir Khan ( Shahrukh Khan ) for therapy. The sessions given by Him are best and gave lots of life lessons too.

Here are a few of the life lessons given by this movie:

Choosing an easy way is not something to be embarrassed about

"Asaan rasta kyu nahi chun sakte? Kya burai hai usme? Khaaskar ki jab hum us mushkil se samna karne ke liye hum teyar hi nahi hai"

The first and foremost lesson given by Dr. Khan was that It is not always important to choose a difficult path for going forward. We have made it to the idea that nothing grows inside the comfort zone and due to this, Choosing an easy one is never a right option. This is not always correct. Sometimes, we have to lower down the complexities of life and choose the easier one to move ahead.

Crying is not a sign of weakness

"Khul ke ro nahi sakogi, to khul ke ro kaisepayogi ?"

Since childhood, we have heard that crying relates to being weak. This sentence is never true. We should never feel shy to show our emotions. Sometimes, when our heart and mind is burdened then it is important to let go all those stuff by crying.Crying is just a sign that we are a human being and that too with emotions. It's okay not to be okay.

Don't let other people's judgements ruin your life

"Jab hum apne aap ko achi tarah samajh lete hai, toh dusre kya sochte hai it doesn't matter"

Never feel sad or ashamed of your own decisions only because others have told you not to do it. People always has something to say and it never mattered and it never will. Make your own choices and decisions without thinking about what others have to say about it. Be happy and proud of your choices and make sure you share your passion with your parents.

Don't panic and always be patient

"Genius is not someone who has all the answers but someone who has the patience for all the answers"

Sometimes, our life may not go well. During that time, we always tend to look at the negative side and hope everything will be fine soon. We never wait for the answers instead we panic and worried about these things. As for this time, you have to be patient and calm. We have learned during our childhood that every question has an answer. In the same way, every problem has a solution and why it happened also has an answer. You just have to be calm and you will notice that things will eventually get better.

Once in a while, stop, breathe and enjoy the small joys of life

"Dear zindagi, I know we haven't been in touch for a while. So uh nothing. Just wanted to say Hi"

While making our career and relationships strong, we forgot to enjoy small moments of life. We need to see that small moments and joys are an important part of our life too. These small moments are not small instead one of the beautiful joys of our life. We should be grateful in life and should never forget what makes our heart happy. Afterall, Life is beautiful.



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