Reading books gives joy and pleasure and makes one happy and relaxed. But you know, there are various interesting facts about books that is going to blow your mind ?

Here is the list of few of the interesting facts about Books and novels:

  • The act of smelling books is known as "bibliosmia". It is one of the things most people do when they brought new books home.

  • The best selling and most read book is "Bible" since long. Harry Potter is close behind though.

  • Writing a novel is a very long job. It takes an average upto 475 working hours.

  • The book "Alice in Wonderland" was inspired by a ten year old girl whose real name was "Alice Liddell".

  • "In search of long time" by Marcel Proust is the longest book in the world which made it to the Guiness book of world records. The book can be compared to the 13 volumes of a normal Book and containing nearly 1.3 million words.

  • Virgina Woolf is the author who wrote all her books standing.

  • "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain is the first book that was written on a typewriter.

  • The first "Best seller" book was Fools of nature by US Writer Alice Brown in 1889.

  • According to google, there are over 129 million books in existence as of 2010. But now, the number might be more than that.

  • Earlier, Author name was not printed on the covers of their books. The covers of the first printed artworks were considered artworks and were filled with drawings, leathers and gold. Thus, no place for author's name.

Hence, these are very few of the amazing facts about Books. And next time, if you are saying you have read all the good books or you have nothing to read, remember there are lots of books you have to choose from.