Did He Love Your Body Or Actually Loved You?

Priyasha Dureja
Aug 07, 2019   •  10 views

It was a toxic relationship. Yet, you still fell in love with him. Maybe because every time he looked at you and your heart skipped a beat or maybe just when he caresses your hair gently and stare deep into your eyes, you could feel butterflies in your stomach.

You start considering it as the Perfect Relationship, 'made for each other' kind of thing. But then he said to be in a 'Perfect Relationship' you need to be physically close also. You hesitate at first. but after he insists, you finally make up your mind.

You make love for the very first time. It felt good. It felt great. Despite that, you felt a bit awkward when he said "only if you could be a little slimmer"and "if your body could be fully waxed". From that point, you felt conscious about your body and looks. He said to you " I love you " a lot number of times but do words matter when actions don't go along with it?

After a few months, you start feeling sad and anxious. He wants to meet you only because he wants to kiss you, have sex with you. He doesn't talk much about anything else and when you try to he stops you right there. You are in a relationship however only physically.

Suddenly, when you are in deep thought, a message popped up on your screen which is from your boyfriend; "We need to talk. Meet me at 4PM at my house." Your heartbeat started beating faster. You don't know what to react. You get ready and went to meet him.

You guys have sex and then he asked you to sit on the sofa. He wants to end what you have. You felt he loved what you have but the case is not something so he broke up with you. You were shattered and devastated. After a lot of arguing, you leave that place. A little relaxed yet depressed.

You felt relaxed because you are no longer forced to do anything. you are not in a cage now. you are free. but depressed? You loved him but what he adored was your body.

Did he really love you? Did he not mean the "I love yous"?



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