Have you ever been lied to? Have you ever been backstabbed?

The one we come back to and the one whom we can trust blindly may not always be the right person for us. People with the most beautiful faces, sweet voices, and prettiest smiles may not be as good as they appear. We often reach for people when we need support or when we feel deceived. But what if they are the ones behind the grief! We, human beings are made of faith, hope, and love. In this bitter-sweet world, there are manipulators and traitors and sometimes they are not strangers but the ones that we trust, the ones close to our heart.

A traitor isn’t someone you don’t recognize. It can be your co-worker, your significant other, your friend or even a family member. These people can stab you behind your back. They either try to act like a victim or try to comfort you acting like they did nothing and that’s why people have trust issues. Trust once lost can never be gained back. The feeling of betrayal is immensely heavy on the heart, mind, and soul. These people can be the ones who are never happy with what they have or just sad about your success.

Often at times, a person is relying on the other who has hurt him behind his back and the person who’s hurt doesn’t know about it. This depicts betrayal and sadness and happens in real life. True love or true friendship seems like some written material of an old book. Lying has become the new trend and backstabbing seems okay with legitimate reasoning.

I did not know, for the most part of my life, what deceivers do to you or how it feels to be misunderstood because of someone else. I could not believe that someone would try to hurt me on purpose. But with time you realise a lot of things. Recently, I have dealt with a lot and did not know how to react to any of it. If we are talking about the hurt we also need to perhaps talk about how to deal with it. Earlier, I used to react to everything which made the situation worse. I have learned with time to listen, pause, think and then react. Time plays the role of a healer. We can only try to make ourselves better every day and forgive those who have done us wrong.



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