Summer is the warmest season of the year according to Google but is that it? Is summer just a season?

Summer might be more than that for you. For little children, it can be a relief from school. Summer holidays are like a blessing, no more waking up early, eating ice cream and playing all day. Holiday homework joins in though. For some people, it might be just sitting at home in AC all day being lazy. For some, it might be the most difficult time; walking through the burning heat going for work.

Summer season’s hit, the dripping sweet tasteful mangoes are savored by all. Some may enjoy munching on ice, for some, it might be an excuse to play more video games. Summer goals and beach body can be the aim of a lot of people going to the beaches. And some might find shelter in colder regions, to stay away from the heat. Family trips and foreign trips are a necessity this season. Swimming can be therapeutic in summers and for some sunbathing is a must! Some dislike the tan and some people live for it!

Sundrop, the flower that blooms even in the cold and the sun rays that touches the flower brings hope in life. The bright sky brings new life and beginnings. Summer is the season of opportunities.

When we are talking about summer there is fact less known, summer season is a season in the classical cycle of 28 days of your menstrual cycle known as the inner seasons. The inner summer is approximately day 6 to day 11 of your cycle. The season of ‘Self Celebration’. At this time a woman feels glamorous and powerful. We feel like getting things done and celebrating ourselves. We feel energetic and blooming.

Summer has a different meaning for everyone and so is the case for me. Personally, I appreciate all the seasons and enjoy them. For me, it is having fun in the summer break and spending time with my family. Every holiday I go to my cousins' place and spend time with them and every time they have grown up an inch nearly surpassing me. Putting ice on my face seems easy and works well as a form of skincare. Getting waxed every month still remains a problem. Also, wearing trending clothes is blissful. I feel that the summers are really productive for me. I try learning new things. Summers brings out my brighter side and I feel like giving back. For most college students it’s the time for work and internships and the same goes for me. I create goals, like learning a new language or taking out more time for my self. When I was young, summer felt bright and colorful with absolutely no exams. It was my one happy place in a happy world, my memories, and emotions.



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We all summer vibing, aren't we? Thank you guys!!
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Although i don't like summers, this year's summer vacation will be amazing 🥰
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Great amazing article ... Keep it up ❤
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Really cool article
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Amazing article
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Love the energy!
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It's so nice!
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