On days when I feel low and have no willpower to do anything, I use youtube as my therapy. I use it as a distraction tool. I’m someone who doesn’t watch TV or even a lot of series for that matter. But one thing is for sure that I like to watch videos that have less time commitment because getting work done is the need of the hour. From listening to 90s songs that I like while working to watching my favorite YouTubers or content creators, it has become a great companion. Initially, I only used to watch music videos and very few creators. But with time, we have a bunch of YouTubers who create amazing content for our entertainment, education or otherwise. I’ll be listing my favorite ones below:

David Dobrik

David is honestly the best YouTuber for me. All his vlogs are hilarious and short. He has a whole friend group known as the vlog squad and is really entertaining. His vlogs contain him and his vlog squad doing crazy things and is very popular among the youth.

Simply Nailogical

Cristine with no H is a Canadian YouTuber who has a channel named Simply Nailogical. I’ve always loved painting my nails and nail art but her channel is not all about that. She makes videos of her following crazy tutorials or trying different things holo. She is a holosexual and you’ll only know it if you watch it.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree is one of the most controversial YouTubers of all times. If you love makeup or not, you still find his channel worthy to watch. Jeffree’s channel is like a trip to his glamorous and expensive life. My favorite makeup related channel at the moment with providing me the tea.

Safiya Nygaard

Her channel is the most informative and descriptive. She does different things and goes into details of it, whether it's trying a trend for a week or destroying makeup for science. She makes longer videos and I absolutely love watching her.


She is someone that brings me peace through her videos and make me understand the importance of staying positive and self-care. She brings attention to the feminine energy and how to take care of yourself. In addition to all this, I love her voice.

Sorelle Amor

Her channel is aesthetically pleasing and teaches us the art of photography. The tips and tricks that she provides are valuable and I feel that she is a beautiful person. The best thing I’ve learned from her is that perspective is the key in photography.

Mr. Kate

The adventures of Mr. Kate and Joey will keep you engaged. Both of them are interior decorates and are super fun to watch especially for me who has an interest in creating and designing.

This list only consists of the content creators that I love and have been watching for a while now. They might be new to you and can help you with your own youtube therapy. :)



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Priya Punia  •  2y  •  Reply
Seems like everyone enjoys youtube! I do it too! Thanks for the constant support <3
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R.Manoj Aiyer  •  2y  •  Reply
Your youtube theraphy is really awesome
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Omg david and safiya two of my favvs!!
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I love you tube
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Keep pouring in great content 👏
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Great efforts 👍👍
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Good one... Keep it up.