My College Experience (Being In A Girls College)

Priya Punia
Jun 02, 2019   •  58 views

My college has given me some unforgettable memories in the first year itself. From being anxious about how college life will turn out to completely falling in love with the red walls. Being in a girls college, I initially thought that the grass is greener on the other side, haha! I never knew that I could feel this free and confident. I figured out that I could wear anything I like and voice my opinions without any second thoughts.

During my admission, I realized that it is a beautiful place with beautiful faces. The very first thing that captured my attention was the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the college. I got so satisfied with it that I didn't even think about changing my college even once. The second thing or one might say the best thing that drew my attention was the diverse societies! I'm such an enthusiastic person that when I saw the same in other people; I felt ecstatic.

My first day in class with the full strength of students was honestly pleasant! We all used to sit on the bleachers or canteen and talk between lecture breaks or the ECA. A lot of people told me that maintaining friendships in college is unreal. But I made a friend during the orientation and felt an instant connection with her. We've been together through everything and we will continue to be. My other classmates and I bonded over our Fresher's party. It was a grand event!

My go to or hangout place is the little botanical garden that we have near the main gate. I didn't know about it until one day I 'discovered' it since then I often hang out there. The greenery gives me a serene break from my busy schedule. With time I realize that I can't get bored with college; from relaxing on the terrace to searching for question papers and books in the library, I enjoy it all.

Going to college and not attending classes, having fun, exploring markets, making new friends and worrying about the exams is basically every college student ever! The best and the most awaited experiences of college is its festivals. All college students from different colleges gather and attend fests with the energy and vibe that’s charismatic.

There comes a time when one has to part from our seniors and keep the loving memories in our heart. So, we gave The Farewell. I can't express in words how I felt. In the back of my mind, I had a voice saying that one day I'll graduate and will be getting my farewell. It made me believe that time is passing by so fast! I long for living each moment of the rest of the time left in this journey..



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Priya Punia  •  2y  •  Reply
Thank you so much everyone! College life is really amazing!
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I miss DU's Campus' life, it's different here..😭😭
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You wrote really well Have a look on my articles tooo
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You give a experience through your blog
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What a beautiful write up! Loved reading it ❤️
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So nicely done. Loved it.
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It was a good read....
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Amazing ❤
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Loved it
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