I’m a woman. I have beauty in my thoughts, confidence in my personality and warmth in my life.

How many times have you really cherished being a female and appreciated the charm of it? I suppose not on most days. Sometimes I feel I need to live up to a certain standard. There are so many stereotypes associated with a specific gender that it somehow imposes rules onto us.

Being a female isn’t about having a perfectly shaved body or speaking in a subtle way or matching people’s expectations, it's much more than that. Being a female can be whatever you want it to mean. Gender is not something that you’re born with but how you identify yourself and who you choose to be.

There is something about feminine energy. It is so powerful and its always living within you. I had the privilege to feel that energy around me adequately because of being in a girls college. Sometimes, you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t feel pretty enough or your period pain just takes it all down for you. But positive feminine energy can make you feel like yourself again, a strong and independent female.

The difficulties in life might make us feel less feminine. The way you see yourself and the way others see you might be so different. Social media has become a part of our lives and the beauty standards affect you in a way it shouldn’t. You start comparing yourself to others. And when that happens you need to stop and realize that you really don’t require a thin waist, a pointed nose or a perfect body to feel feminine.

Women are kind of prone to picking on each other, rolling eyes or making fun. Getting high off of gossip seems legit but it needs to be minimized if not stopped completely. You need to consciously choose not to do this. In the end, it will make you feel better and save your time and energy. You ignore the negative and invite the positive and that’s so powerful.

Women have a fantastic capacity to hold space for each other’s emotions. Females can understand each other on a really deep personal level. Spending time with your girl group that doesn’t judge you and supports you can make you feel so positive in life and the energy is truly ecstatic. I'm blessed to have such inspiring girls in my life.

Most importantly, you can be a woman and still feel like a girl. You can enjoy wearing dresses, you can like pretty things, you can wear makeup, you can take a break on your periods and relax, you can skip adulting for a day and it’s absolutely okay to feel that way. In the end, it’s just how you see yourself and what you want to do without caring about other’s opinions.



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Priya Punia  •  2y  •  Reply
The love here is overwhelming. Thank you!
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Paras Jain  •  2y  •  Reply
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Rimika Prasad  •  2y  •  Reply
Such mature writing. I'm a fan :)
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Rakshita Upadhyay  •  2y  •  Reply
you write so well. it is informative. please check my account too.
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Parul Chauhan  •  2y  •  Reply
People need to stop creating boundaries for themselves due to society and utilise their full potential to see what all they can have in life.
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Chitwan Bagga  •  2y  •  Reply
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Very nice and relatable👍
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Being blessed by a great women in my life, I love her with everything and this post made it more special for me and her, proud of my girl and all women's out there. Cheers XD
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I feel that there is no relationship with girl power and girls college... It is the game of attitude and understanding of her inner strength to show her abilities to male dominated world. world
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Deepak Trehan  •  2y  •  Reply
Very nicely described the inner beauty of being female... However.. I don't agree with this point you had stated that.. "I had the privilege to feel that energy around me adequately because of being in a girls college."
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I feel so empowered!!