Social Media Has Shaped The Generation

Priya K
May 03, 2019   •  10 views

Social media - Two words that rule the society. Every person's day starts and ends with social media . But, to what extent is Social media dependable, reliable and good ? To what extent should you be into it ? These are questions that have always been unanswered. The emergence and unfolding of social media has brought about a great pace of change in the society.The Rapid transformation and development of the internet has changed and evolved the public and how they communicate and live in the world today.The rapidly evolving and evergrowing use ofmedia, and how it in its own right has changed and pushed boundaries within cultures and countries in both social and political spheres has always been fascinating.Providing seamless, yet engaging experience to users is now more important than ever, and it gives a true competitive advantage. It's hard to imagine our lives without the world that exists in the internet. Social media plays a vital role in the developmentally growth of any individual or firm.

It has it's own pros and cons just like every other thing. It takes us to a different world at times ,away from the reality.

Social media helps one connect to anyone anywhere at any point of time regardless of the location and region,that's how magical and effective it is. Texting, sharing, trolling, scrolling, you name it and you see everyone become a victim of it. Connectivity, education,help, information and updates, promotion, noble cause, awareness, business expansion and reputation, building communities,navigation, security, music, online shopping,food delivery, banking, e-ticketing, entertainment, reading and educational apps,video calling, everything is now available on fingertips, that's the beauty of Social media.

However,on the other hand, Social media has a negative impact too.Willingly or unwillingly,there are chances of wrong doings and negative advantages always. The cons of the same are pretty huge and scary. Social media is and excellent source to kill time which has resulted in serious repurcussions,it has damaging effects on health,the unrecognizable seroous addiction makes you unsocial, no age barriers is the reason kids get exposed to stuff that they shouldn't know at that age,there ia threat to moral values,it also leads the road to crimes, there is encroachment in personal space and it is therefore necessary to safeguard privacy,there can be misuse on informative stuff,also, everything you say online can be used against you.

Keeping in mind the pros and cons of Social media, it is very important for a person to use it with utmost care and upto a certain limit. Overdose of anything can be harmful mentally as well as physically. It’s important to cope up with the evolution of these platforms and to keep looking for ways and meansto optimize your use of the available tools judiciously. Everything that's there on Social media is not for everyone , everything that's available is not accessible for everyone , everything that's written is not always right and to be relied upon, everything is to be used till it's of use and important, this is how Social media is to be dealt.It is a fun platform that takes you away from the reality but it is important to know the correct use of it and to grab the best possible opportunities to make the most out of the never ending usefulness of the social media without it affecting anyone or anything in anyanner and creating a false impact. Social media should therefore be taken as advantageous and should not affect other growths and evolvements.



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