Is Pollution Affecting Your Skin?

Pratham Israni
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Is Pollution Affecting Your Skin?

In our day to day life, we forgot to take care of our skin and even if we do take care, we are getting affected indirectly to the skin. Many of us might be following a skincare routine but did you ever wonder that does pollution harm our skin or not? And did you know that some of the rooms in your house where you sleep, eat, sit and talk have more pollution in the air than outside. If you have plants in your house then the air quality must be good. Here in this article I will tell you that does air pollution affect your skin or not and How?

Early Aging

Some researches show that Toxins present in the air causes early aging. The dream for a healthy and flawless skin is definitely over for those who spend hours of their day in traffic or working in the atmosphere which is exposed to the pollution. Researchers and scientists have also noticed that NO2 increases the speed of aging process of the skin, and its level is also rising with the rising pollution in the air.


Tiny pollutant particles present in the air get into our skin pores after which our skin faces dehydration and irritation . These tiny particles are even more smaller than our skin pores allowing them to easily enter into the pores, and they are capable of breaking down collagen and lipid layer in the skin which then causes more dehydration in our skin.


Data show that with the J curve in the graph of pollution in the air, frequency of acne and pimples coming back again and again on our skin has also increased than before. Pollution sometimes is also capable of damaging the skin tissue. Pollutants enter into the skin which causes acne on our skin.

How to protect your skin from Pollution

Apply sunscreen before going out of your house as it covers the skin and stop particles from entering into the skin pores. Place few plants like money plant inside your house to improve the air quality in your surroundings. Avoid getting in contact with the polluted air when you are some where struck in the traffic. Better than protecting only ourselves, we should also try to plant more trees near your house or in the society and avoid the usage of the vehicle which is one of the major causes of pollution around us.

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