How To Choose The Right Skincare Products

Pratham Israni
Jun 16, 2019   •  30 views


Today, Most of the skincare products like face wash, moisturizer, face masks come with harmful chemicals which harm’s your skin and you can’t even notice the damage they do to your skin because it deteriorates your skin quality in long run. So today let’s Know how you can choose the right skincare product for your self.

Avoid Chemicals

Skincare products are made with chemicals to make their liquid texture, fragrance and color according to the choice which does it job well but then affects the actual work of the product. Before purchasing any skincare or even hair care product make sure it does not have any parabens, sulfates and alcohols because there the often used harmful chemicals found in these products. Well alcohol is the base material used in making these products so, it might become difficult for you to find product which doesn’t have alcohol in it but still there are products available which doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in them.

Natural Products

There are now brands available in the market which offer natural products which are still made by chemicals and other natural extracts but the chemicals used in them are not harmful ones. There are few companies which claims to make natural product but their products do have harmful chemicals in them(companies like ayush and everyuth).At the end it’s only you who pick the right product because companies will continue fooling consumer through their advertisement and false claims.

Organic or Home Made Products

The best alternative is to start using 100% Organic products which cannot be made with chemicals, there are many people who make these products and even companies which produce them on large scale. It might be difficult to find these products in the market, but they are easily available on the internet, I am also giving a link down below of a instagram page from where you can purchase some organic products or you can also search on the web. Best part about these products is that they do their work better than those which have chemicals in them and they are affordable also.

Here I am giving some links down below of the brands which make products with NO harmful chemicals.