The major trend that has always been of most aspirants choosing after taking the science stream is Engineering, the brother of medical sciences otherwise. The basic idea of proof, of design, of production behind every scientific idea is Engineering. The branch of science which converts all of its ideas be it as vague and impossible they be, can be given a certain clearity, a certain sense of perfection by Engineering.

One of the most important branches of science it not only involves logic but also a combination of innovation combined with an aptitude knowledge of that innovation related subject. Engineering is the basic science behind everything that we see around us be it as small as a nib of a pen or as big as a skyscraper, everything is made possible because of innovations done in engineering and by engineers.

Engineeering under its roof is a home to many sub-divisions like the mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, electronics and telecommunication engineering, petroleum engineering, civil engineering these being the most core and important branches.

From manufacturing of automobiles to aircrafts, from integrated circuits to complex supercomputers, from enormous skyscrapers to tiny biomaterials its all really nothing but engineering.

Also there is a lot of scope after engineering too, you can literally go to any field be it any business realted or service related engineering is connected to every field out there.



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