• Government of India launched the Startup India campaign to promote entrepreneurs in India who despite being capable are not able to start their own businesses due to problems like capital and resources. Ministry of human resource development has partnered with the IIT and IIMs of the country in order to boost this program.The Reserve Bank of India has promised to take steps to help improve the ‘ease of doing business’ in the country and contribute to an ecosystem that is conducive for the growth of start-up businesses.

Startup needs encouragement

India's statistic profile is helpful for Startups with high potential. India is the most youthful country in the world and colossal generally speaking populace has one of the biggest purchasers on the planet.Startups in India are facing many challenges and problems despite being promised by the Government to give all the support and funding. The biggest hurdle in the success of campaign is corruption, unavailability of skilled labors.

Market in India is still dominated by big businesses and it is hard for a newly registered company to survive in this competitive market without any support.There is still no proper registration or documentation process for new companies so that they can get their certificates easily.There are lots of potential youths in India with very new and creative ideas but they are not getting funding from the venture capitalist and from government also.So, startup India is a great initiative by Indian government so that new entrepreneurs get support and help from the government.Around 8 lakh people have got funding through startup India program and the number is still growing.Many foreign companies and banks like soft bank have started investing in the startup India program.Overall startup India will give new ways to the youth of the country and it would also be helpful in boosting our country’s economy.



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Great work! Check out my article as well. It's on Startup India Standup India scheme.