Recently, wireless ad hoc networks or a mobile multi-hop wireless network has gained AN unprecedentedgrowth. Further, AN increasing range of devices like laptops, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), pocket PCs, tablet PCs, good phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. area unit supplied with short-range wireless interfaces. additionally, these devices are becoming smaller, cheaper, a lot of user friendly and a lot of powerful. This evolution is driving a brand new various approach for mobile communication, during which mobile devices type a self making, self-organizing and self-administering wireless network, known as a mobile accidental network.

Short-range accidental networks will change communication between varied mobile devices by forming a private space Network (PAN), and thereby eliminate the tedious would like for cables. this might conjointly extend the quality provided by the mounted network (that is, mobile IP) to nodes any move into a poster hoc network domain. The Bluetooth system is maybe the foremost promising technology within the context of Mobile accidental networking.

In Latin, accidental virtually suggests that ―for this‖, any suggests that ―for this purpose only‖, and therefore suggests that temporary. The term has been applied to networks during which new nodes is quickly additional and removed. the world of accidental networking has gathered a lot of analysis interests within the past decades. several studies have targeting the routing problems with accidental networking. Mobile accidental networks are the main target of the many recent analysis and development efforts. The goal of mobile accidental networking is to increase quality into the realm of autonomous, mobile, wireless domains, wherever a collection of nodes--which could also be combined routers and hosts--they type the network routing infrastructure in a poster hoc fashion. Also, accidental networks don't have to be compelled to operate in a very complete fashion, however is hooked up to the web, thereby group action many various devices and creating their services offered to different users.

Furthermore, capacity, vary and energy arguments promote their use with existing cellular infrastructures as they'll extend coverage and inter-connectivity. As a consequence, mobile accidental networks area unit expected to become a vital a part of the long run 4G design, that aims to produce pervasive pc environments that support users in accomplishing their tasks, accessing info and human activity anytime, anyplace and from any device.

Bluetooth is one among the technologies which will be used for accidental networking. Bluetooth wireless technology may be a short-range communications system meant to switch the cable(s) connecting transportable and/or mounted electronic devices. Key options area unit hardiness, low power, and low price. several options of the core specification area unit optional , permitting product differentiation. The Bluetooth core system consists of AN RF transceiver, base band, and protocol stack. The system offers services that alter the association of devices and therefore the exchange of a range of categories of knowledge between these devices.

The paper is structured as follows. Section a pair of provides summary of Bluetooth technology. In section three, varied communication topologies of Bluetooth area unit given. Finally, Section four concludes the paper.