For some it is a food for their soul ,for some it is the path to enter into the world of their own. Flow of some beautiful words along with few mesmorizing notes and many of us term it as 'music'. Music ,songs are something which not only soothes us but makes us forget all our past worries for sometime.

Each era has its own singers who produce some beautiful melodies. Musicians of ancient time used to make songs only by interweaving their meaningfull lyrics with beats of their ancint musical instruments. and this is how it meant to be, right! From tansen to english musicmen to kishore da to asha bhosle , everyone has carried the batton in best possible way.

But are music makers following the same course now, sadly , the answer is NO! We are witnessing a era where music has became a slave to electronic machines. Be it computers, synthesizers or any other 'musical instrument', music industry i completely reliable on them now-a-days. And that's obviously not a good sign ,especially for quality music lovers.

Though,these machines have helped them to produce some good beats but being excesssively reliable on them...Switch on the software,mix some beats, raise some bass and BOOM! your song is ready which will fetch you 100 milion views on youtube.

The music makers and singers must come out of electronic music loop, for some quality and meaningfull music to be made. If they are able to the same then surely the hopes of listening to the melodies like earlier can make their way.



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