The word ripped means badly torn. Or Wait, is it?
Can a badly torn material blow away a fashion statement and make it to the top of the list? Yes, it can and it has been in the last few decades. The mild distress look is synonymous to life-which denotes, not everything has to be sewed perfectly to be best. One can be in utter distress, be imperfect and still make a mark, create an impact just by being natural and embracing imperfection.

The ripped style denim has gone utterly crazy in last few years A knee ripped denim and oversized tees is all that you need for a casual and comfortless fashion evening. Surely, one will rock the floor!

Young generations have picked up this a new way to show their fashion and a way to stand apart. If you want to see the cool side of this staple, it surely has one! Say, you are extremely bored of wearing your same old jeans for a year, but the element of comfortness your jeans provide is way too much to discard it. You can pick up a scissor, cut it in places, run a wash in the machine, and it will come out to be cooler than you expected! This will surely sort out few of your outings with your friends. FASHION is a costly affair but ripped jeans are not!So this can help in making a smaller hole in your pocket…and yet remain in cool.

Distress is the new style-
Let’s now focus on the bigger picture?
Teens are rebels. Being a rebel helps the universe to evolve. People would stop growing if every generation starts following the same as the previous ones. So questioning is important, variation is necessary. Variety and change are the only constants in this fast changing world. A seed is planted as an idea mostly during teenage. Post this, this idea evolves with experience and creates a difference.

Distressed jeans symbolize rebellion! A symbol of change – the way the world was viewed and rules were laid. These rules have been ripped apart and brought in more space for freedom. As Oscar de la Renta says “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about yourself”. So, these stylish pairs have a long way to go and define an era in itself.