Why Is Lion King The Best- Life Values Lion King Has To Offer?

Pooja Venkataramana
Jun 22, 2019   •  20 views

I am sure that Lion King is definitely a favourite movie for many of us.
Apart from being a blockbuster hit and never failing to entertain and woo the audience with the cuteness on-screen, Lion King is the best because of the life values it imparts in us.

Mufasa who is the King imparts a lot of life values in his son Simba and they sure are father-son goals. They are life values not only to Simba but for us as well.

Everything the life touches is our kingdom

Mufasa says to his son that everything the light touches is our Kingdom.Does it not ironically mean that everything that light touches in the world is ours to conquer?

Why do we resist ourselves with our own limitation?


Mufasa says ‘Everything that you see exists together in a delicate balance and as a king, you need to understand the balance. Respect all the creature from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope’
Mufasa beautifully explains how Lions eat Antelopes and in turn, the lions die and the sand decomposes their body.

Not only does Simba explain that his son needs to strive to maintain balance in his kingdom but it is also a slap on our faces asking us to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

We sure do cut off forests and blame that lions and wildlife enter the living place of the human.

Our national animal Tiger is almost an endangered species and is in sparse in India.
Have we failed to maintain the balance?

Jealousy and Betrayal

Scar's betrayal shows how prolonged jealousy can make us lose our values to perform a non-righteous act. Scar not only betrays his brother Mufasa but also betrays himself which can be seen at the end of the movie where there's no food left for him or anyone in his kingdom.
Do we keep our jealousy under check?

Few people are never actually dead

Simba says to the monkey that Mufasa is dead.

The monkey says Simba that Mufasa is alive and takes him into the woods and shows him the reflection of himself (Simba).

Death of a parent can be hard and traumatizing but why don’t we realize that they are alive within ourselves and it is our sheer duty to carry out the legacy they left.

Death of a parent does not leave you weaker or fragile but makes you hard as a rock and mightier than the oceans because


Our Mistakes and Past do not define us

Mufasa’s spirit says ‘ Simba you have forgotten me’

Simba says ‘No father, How can I? ‘

Mufasa says
‘ You have forgotten who you are and so you have forgotten me.

Remember who you are!’

Many at times don’t we let our past mistakes take up ourselves so much that we forgot who we actually are what we can be and could have been?

Have we forgotten who we are?

The monkey who tells prophecies says 'The past can hurt. You can either learn from it or run from it’

Many a times have we not forgotten to learn from our mistakes and move towards achieving better?

Friendship and Loyalty

The movies beautifully explain the friendship between Timon and Pumba. How Timon accepts Pumba for what he is and how Pumba supports Timon is a serious friendship goal.

In the end, when Timon asks Simba ‘So are we gonna fight these guys?’ and fights for Simba along with Pumba to help him get his kingdom back, don't we realize that everybody needs a friend who loves, defends and protects them like Timon or Pumba or Simba.

But shouldn't we realize that in order to get a loving, supportive and defending friends, we must ourselves be one such friend for someone else first?

I have got my Timon and Pumba. Who is your's?

Hakuna Matata- No worries

Life is crazy and takes it easy is what Timon and Pumba teach Simba.

Not everything needs to be taken so seriously and it is okay to turn out back on the world sometimes.

Everybody needs a phase in their life where they need to goof around for some time to set their priorities right and to explore themselves.

Many at times are we failing to enjoy ourselves and our time on earth?

Strong Female characters

The movies beautifully put forth how Sarabi who is Mufasa’s wife does not lose her pride in the scene where she goes up to scar with a stern look on her face when surrounded by the Hyenas. A queen never loses her pride.

Nala is the best character in the movie who goes in search of help for her kingdom and finds Simba. In the place where Simba says ‘This is my kingdom if I don't fight for it, who will?'

Nala says ‘ I WILL’

Many at times haven't we ladies failed to fight for ourselves and our rights?

Don’t you think we all have a Nala within us?

This is our Kingdom

Simba says ‘This is my kingdom if I don't fight for it, who will?’

The water crisis has taken a fine seat in our state

Are we completely ignorant about what needs to be done to enhance our survival?

Have we all failed to fight for our kingdom?