Why I Like Thanos And Night King And Felt Bad For Them - Environmental Psychology

Pooja Venkataramana
May 15, 2019   •  69 views

With this year giving a closure and an end to two of our favourite movie and TV show,a lot of us feel bad for the death of our favourite characters. Few people would have felt bad when the antagonist died and here’s why.

Although it might sound absurd I personally believe that Thanos and Night king wished for a greater good than any of us do

Thanos snapped away almost half of the populations because he thought that half of the other population would restore balance in ecological system.

Flashback to Brans’s vision in Season 6 episode 5 the Night King was created by the children of the forest to develop a troop of dead to avenge against the living who were destroying the forest and vegetation. So basically Night King wanted the people dead because living would stop destroying the vegetation.

Thanos and Night King were two good men who wished for a greater ecological good and we enjoyed their death. Wonder why good men never survive.

But Jokes apart.

Ecological imbalance is a greater problem we all are facing today. If the topic of the article had been something related to environment or ecological imbalance, I am pretty sure no one of us including me would have even bothered to check what it was.

So basically environmental psychology is the study of how environment influences human behaviour and vice versa. The environment only has a way of giving back what we give it. No wonder we are all an emotional mess and there’s increase psychopathology in this generation in comparison with our ancestor's.

We constantly destroy our environment by consuming it’s resources greedily and complain about global warming, water scarcity, vegetative poverty and etc.

A major issue we are facing today is water scarcity.

According to Megan Ray Nichol’s stats, an estimated 780 million people have no access to clean water at all.

Do we realize that it is slowly taking a toll on people living in urban cities as well.

We do not plant trees, we don’t do rain water harvesting, we absolutely don’t worry about the pollution we cause, and the population we increase .

The TV shows we watch shows the antagonist as the one who is trying to restore a balance in the world and we take happiness and satisfaction in their death.

Did the media industry bother to clearly state what actions we can take up to restore the balance. They didn’t. Is it because things are out of control and is it an indication of our greater end?

Do the great leaders of the world stress upon the importance of environment and try to evoke a sense of restoring it in us. No, but they do entertain us with satire of their opposition parties.

I am posting this sitting in an Air conditioned room complaining about the hot climate and water scarcity in Chennai and wondering about GOT’S final episode

Oh, who am I kidding?