Few people are never actually dead because they leave back their art for the world to cherish and that pretty much speaks for them. Crazy Mohan is a crazy maestro of comedy and is an asset to Tamil Cinema. The demise of him feels like a huge chunk of my childhood lost.

This is a personal blog article regarding how i feel about him and not a usual article with information related to psychology.

Humour in the blood

Crazy Mohan’s dialogue writing is so phenomenal. Most of the comedy scripts of him bring out comedy from a chaotic or confusing situation.One such example is Kamal’s movies. Anybody close to me would know what an adherent fan I am of Kamal Hassan and I would say Crazy Mohan's dialogues and script writing are one of the main reasons for Kamal’s success in the industry.

No one can ever forget the outstanding dialogues delivery and comedy counters in Vasool Raja MBBS, Panchatantiram, Pammal K Samandham, Thenali,Avvai Shanmugi, Kadhala Kadhala, Sathi Leelavathi and Michel Madan Kama Rajan.

All credits to Crazy Mohan for his beautiful script and dialogue writing in the above movies.All of us can crack jokes but developing a script revolving around the main concept with counter back humour which is also entertaining to the audience is no easy task and I must say he's a born legend with great humour.

Comedy in the chaos

All of us knowingly or unknowingly use Crazy Mohan’s dialogues somewhere in our life.

One such example is in Vasool Raja MBBS, Kamal gets a call saying he's got a patient and it's a baby suffering from diarrhoea. Kamal immediately hangs the call and says to his friend ‘first patient eh Bedi Baby’

My mom till now calls me or my sisters as ‘Bedi baby' when we fall sick. He also bestowed us with his presence on the screen with the epic standard dialogue of ‘That how do I know sir?'

Not to mention the extraordinary piece of art in Panchatantiram.

' Munadhi Pinnadhi Enna irundudhu?’ if you did not hear it in the police officer’s voice,then watch the movie again. This movie cracks me up no matter how many times I watch and is definitely a go- to during bad days.

Crazy Mohan never failed to do justice in portraying chaotic comedy in Avvai Shanamugi where Kamal pretends to be an old lady or not once did he did not make us laugh in Tenali where Kamal plays a character who is scared of everything.

Not to mention the comedy dialogues of ‘ Bheem Boy Bheem Boy’ or ‘ Pammal Waacckk Samandham’ or ‘ Enaye pidikalayam, ipo Breaku pidikalana enna pocham’ (You would definitely understand this if you are a lover of comedy movies of kamal)

kadhala Kadhala is an extraordinary movie which revolves around two couples and their families in a palace and it was written by my favourites Kamal and Crazy Mohan. It is a movie which never fails to entertain the audience till date.You are definitely a 90's kid if you remember Noor Mahal.

I would go on and on about Kamal movies so I might as well stop.

Do you guys remember our favourite character ‘Otteri Nari from Ghilli?' Well, Well, you know whom to blame it’s crazy Mohan again.

How many times in our daily lives do we use this comedy reference where Vijay’s sister says ‘inikki Anniyar Dhinam illa ma? Where the mother says ‘ilaye’ and then the sister responds ‘ Adan nanum sonen Iniku anniyar dinam ila !’

The above dialogue is a classic example of Crazy Mohan in our hearts and casual dialogues all the time.

Why Crazy

His birth name is Mohan Rangachari and is called as crazy Mohan because of the drama group he has which is called as ‘crazy Creations’ and also for his skit known as crazy thieves in Palavakkam.The name crazy suits him so much because of the craziness he has to offer on screen for us.

My childhood

Along with my mom and sisters I used to watch a serial called ‘vidathu Sirippu' written by Crazy Mohan. It used to air on every weekend. I was a very small kid then and wouldn't understand the jokes or anything but my mom and sisters used to laugh their hearts out and I used to feel glee and laugh along with them.

It is a very treasured memory I would carry in my heart all along.

Crazy Mohan is a legend of puns, comedy, wordplay and twisters and he is never actually gone because his dialogues and jokes are so much a part of us that he will continue to live forever and ever within us.

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