By Being Afraid To Fail Are We Failing By Default?

Pooja Venkataramana
Jul 02, 2019   •  20 views

Living in a society with a constant belief of ‘You can either be a doctor or a disappointment’, I would like to pose a question, ‘By playing the game too safely, are you failing by default?’

This article might be very self-opinionated or maybe like a rant so skip if you're against following the passion. I'm not being sarcastic there.

A lot of people have been following a particular set of pattern which has been followed by years.

Getting into school, getting a professional degree, getting a highly paid and equally stressful job and Oh wait for most of all a socially respected job.

Many of you want to pursue a particular stream, majorly because of the societal prejudice it holds.In which case are you pursuing what you want or what is wanted of you by society?.

A lot of people in professional degrees feel too contended with the respect the degree has to offer for them. Well yeah along with stress and years of blind education which they do not even want to question why (maybe because they are tamed to be so).

I bet half of them pursuing the degree would not be doing it out of their own self-interest.

With all respect to people who have to do what they are doing, I would say I find no fault. A lot of people have to follow this pattern to support their living and face their financial situation which is well and good.

But what about those of you who have a choice.

While you people are too busy being happy with the blind education you all are getting,and not having some time to self-explore yourself and know what you actually are capable of so may I ask what exactly are you happy for?

How many writers could be in a classroom of medical students, how many artists could be in a class of lawyers or engineers and how many great leaders could be among them all?

All of their talents un-explored and put to rest.

A lot of you are living too cautiously because of the fear of failure if you follow the passion,

but What if you haven’t failed at all? What if you haven’t lived at all?

While I am not asking anyone to quit their degrees but I sure would recommend that if you know what exactly you want.

So does that mean you can follow what you want only if you are very sure about it? Absolutely not. From chaos and uncertainties comes closure.

It is ok to loiter around some time to find out what exactly you want.

Being from a background with a UG degree in arts and science, a lot of my classmates and I have been put down at a lot of places in society.

I would like to ask ‘We at least have self-explored ourselves and know what we actually want and are capable of. We are way more empathetic than a lot of you are, so who exactly are you trying to put down and what exactly are you trying to blame wrong?’

While I see a lot of young people blaming their parents for pushing them into the degree they didn't want.

I would like to say :

“Hey you had the nerve to fight with your parents to get that bike or mobile you want, you sure could have fought for what you wanted to pursue in your life”

And those of you who actually do not have a say at home and had to take up a professional degree, you can always follow what you want and educate yourself at it because you have a powerful tool called the Internet. You can always do what you want by any means.

While I am not trying to put anyone or any profession down and I give due respect to people who follow it because they want to.

But definitely not fine with the fact that a lot of people who try to put people from another course down because you get to pursue a socially respected degree just because your parents were ready to pitch in cash.

I see a lot of engineers and engineering students being put down nowadays with corny jokes.

I would like to strongly tell that your car, phone, electrical appliance or the numerous apps and luxurious lives would not be possible without those engineers whom you people are trying to put down.

So not diverting from the topic what exactly I would convey by this article is that it is ok to fail at something but definitely not ok with not trying at all.

It is almost absurd to choose a profession because someone from your family is successful at it.

Go get that degree in arts you want. Follow that profession in economic or fashion. Pursue that diploma degree in animation.

Don’t be afraid to take a break and to figure out what you want.

Don't be afraid to break and fall but be ready to wake up again stronger.

With uncertainties we reach closure.



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