Why Reusable Pads Are Better Than Disposable Pads

Pooja Sharma
Jul 07, 2019   •  5 views


In primary classes, we have been taught about the 4R’swhich are Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Recover. These focuses on the welfare of our environment which helps to make it pollution free and reduces the risk of bad health. Also it helps in saving resources. The area in which people are unaware of these R's has been taken in consideration and provided a guidance through consultants and different policies of Government. This step of using 4R’s is gaining popularity world-wide and success in getting its aim.

Like other non living things, one thing that needed to know for women mostly is reusable pads, to use in menstrual cycle. Some of the women belongs to both rural and urban areas are less aware of this. Let’s get into this term more accurately. So what reusable pads really are? Answer is, the pads which can be used again and again. It can be seen in a cloth form that contains cotton in it and which can be washed and hygienic and useful in menstrual days. On the other hand, if we speak of urban areas where most of the women uses disposable pads(Sanitary napkins that are not reusable) don’t prefer using reusable pads, since it is made up cloth and may unclean them according to their thinking. The key point which should be kept in mind is that there are more advantages of using reusable pads than disposable pads. Let’s illustrate it more by defining it’s advantages or pros which are as follows.

Advantages of using reusable pads and why one should use reusable pads over disposable pads?

• It is comfortable, hygienic and safe.

• It is skin friendly as it doesn’t hurt and provide no itching and pain to skin.

• It can be used again by washing it.

• It contains no plastic and is environment friendly.

• It does not provide bad smell and unpleasant smell.

• Since it can be used again so this helps in saving money.


The biggest reason to use reusable pads are that it is environment friendly as well as less costly and can be used by both urban and rural women. It provides no harm to health. One can buy them the shop nearby them.

Reusable over Disposable pads

In every basis and term of comparison, reusable pads are far better than the disposable pads. It can be carried easily and can be used easily. No rocket science and Topsy turvy method is required to use it. Also in many places, these pads are being used and providing no bad affect to health of the ladies. It’s speciality that It is a simple cloth pad that can be used several times and contains only cotton but no plastic makes it popular and reliable. Also one should not dispose it or buy the new one. By this,it helps in saving money

Reusing things for better purpose and in better way can leads to many successful paths and can gain popularity.