A great sage said, "Failure just proves that the wholehearted effort to succeed was

not put forth."

Whenever we fail , what is the first thing which comes to our mind ?

How many of us take responsibility and make it a stepping stone to a better

tomorrow? Hardly three out of ten of us do. Most of us blame our situations , people

around us-friends, family ,colleagues...even Almighty. We lose faith in God and his


And yes, life is strange...we can't deny that .We so often see instances where the

honest suffer endlessly, while sinners lead a pleasurable life. The wise face adversity

while fools live like a king. Whenever we come across such instances we once again

lose faith in God, although its seems reasonable ...but again ...we don't know what's

inside the pandora box!

We don't know what plans he has for us, how are the wheels of Karma moving! I

read a story the other day...about a man who had seen his past life. He asks God

that why there are two pairs of footprints during his happy times but only one during

his worst times? And guess what answer he got ! God said during his happy times

he was beside him to see him enjoy the taste of his good deeds and during difficult

times he carried him on his shoulders so that he could overcome those days! We

need to understand that hope and despair, failure and success , are alternate like

day and night. Hope arguments our vitality whereas failure and despair push us to

the dungeons of sadness.

During our difficult times , when our soul drowns in darkness and we are forced to

question our existence, there are two paths, either we lose ourselves to it, or show a little courage and trust and bloom once again..!



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Harr Harr Mahadev
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Truly said...
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Inspiring...but god is only a symbol to provide you strength...at last you will be the only person to take a stand and do something about ur situation whether its losing or showing some courage to bloom.
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Wonderful... The answer that he received at the final stage is inspiring enough!