Gokarna- The Ultimate Beach Trek

Pina Bansal
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Gokarna is a town near Arabian Sea, situated in Karnataka. This place is also known as Crowd-less Goa and people often enjoy the trekking and camping on the beach side.

How to reach

By road- Gokarna is well connected to every city in india and one can easily find buses for travelling.

By rail- The nearest railhead is the Gokarna Railway Station, 8 kms away from the beach.
By air- The nearest airport is the Dabolim airport in Goa from where one can find any train or cab.

Best time to visit

One can visit Gokarna throughout the year because the weather is pleasant every time.

Main attractions of the place

Paradish Beach, Om Beach, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Kudle Beach, Gokarna Beach, Yaana, Half Moon Beach.

Things to do in Gokarna

Beach trekking- There are 5 main beaches at this place. The gokarna beach, paradise beach, om beach, kudle beach and half moon beach. And the best part about this place is The beach trek. Many of you would have heard about the mountain trekking and must have done also. But gokarna gives you a chance to experience the beach trek. That's what this place is famous for.

Banana Boat Ride- Banana Boat Ride is the most adventurous thing one can do in Gokarna. People ride on a boat like banana and the boat is pushed in the huge speedy waves in the beach.

Night stroll- The nights on the edge of the beach are damn beautiful as the sky is totally covered with the stars. People enjoy the night stroll in Gokarna.

Flea Market Shopping- The local market of Gokarna is very mesmerizing. The items in the market of Gokarna are jewellery and decorative stuff made from the sea shells. The sellers give ,the items, handmade touch.

Beach Sports- One can play volley ball, badminton and anything from everything on the beach of Gokarna.

Long Drive- Hiring a bike and going on long drive surrounded by trees and greenery gives ultimate peace.

Beach Shack Stay- This is the best thing to do in Gokarna because it allows one to experience the real nature in its true form.

Stay in a tree house- Climb a tree house in Gokarna and enjoy the view of the beach. Also house between the trees gives us chilling winds and is perfect way to relax during vacations. The best tree houses are at the Namaste Yoga Farms in gokarna.

Ready to go Gokarna??!!



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