Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Apr 18, 2019   •  4 views

Counter-Strike is a First person shooter game.
It is one of the most popular games among gamers all over the world.
First ever Counter-strike game was released in the year 2000 by Valve on Microsoft Windows. The game was known as Counter-strike 1.6.

Counter-strike 1.6 supported local and online multiplayer.
The game has many maps, some of my favourite maps are:-

  1. Dust II: The most popular map. It is a bomb scenario map.

  2. de_train: This map is a bomb scenario map, with many camping places for the snipers.

  3. $1000$: This is a deathmatch type of map. This map is not available with the game, however, you can download it online.

In 2012 Valve released Counter-strike Global Offensive, it is one of best selling games. You can find this game on steam, currently, the game is free to download. CS: GO has 4 types of modes:

  1. Competitive: In this mode, there are 5 terrorists and 5 counter-terrorist. Friendly fire is On.

  2. Casual: This is a 10v10 game in which friendly fire is off.

  3. Deathmatch: In this player respawns infinite number times within 10 minutes. The player with most points wins the match.

  4. Danger zone: It is a battle royal mode i.e. the last one standing wins the match.

Valve has made CS: GO more appealing by adding skins to the weapons. Cool looking knives can be bought from the online market of CS: GO.

There are exciting competitions for CS: GO with a huge cash prize. ESL and other organization conduct these competitions.