Addiction is not confined to just drugs, alcohol etc. It can refer to anything it is not confined to a specific field or boundary. There are various kinds of addictions, one could be addicted even to a video game. Recently according to a research the rate of baby’s being addicted to smart phones or mobile phones gas rapidly been increasing. In today’s world, we consider only drug users and alcoholics as addicts but addiction goes beyond that. There are primarily two types of addictions i.e. addiction to a substance and addiction towards an activity. Substance addiction can vary from coffee to junk food to drugs like heroine. Excessive intake of any substance is harmful for our body. Behavioral addiction or addiction towards a particular activity can consist of gambling, sex, binge watching etc.

Tolerance and withdrawal are two major symptoms associated with addiction. Tolerance is a purely physical and psychological process. Trying a new substance for the first time might have overwhelming effects on one. The more one consumes, the less sensitive one becomes to that substance.

The strain of managing an addiction seriously damages a person's work performance and relationships. It also effects life both mentally and physically. The reasons why addictions begin is In the case of drugs, alcohol and nicotine, these substances affect the way anyone feels, both physically and mentally.

These feelings are enjoyable and creates a powerful urge to use the substances again and again. Addiction is one of the main reason why people are becoming more and more violent everyday. Study says that unemployment is one of the major reasons of addiction. When one is not pre occupied he tends to try different things and ways to keep himself busy these ways often are the wrong ones.

Drugs are mostly expensive and those who are addicted to drugs use all the resources to buy it. And once their own resources exhaust, they indulge into crimes. Addicts lose their job which adds to their problems. They can go to any damn extent to satisfy their need. It also eats up the valuable time of an individual which could have been invested in something productive. It kills an individual cell by cell like cancer.

The conclusion is that if these addictions will not be controlled within time . Its impacts will be worst than worst in future. So, it’s always better to be cautious about the things you consume and the activities you perform everyday.