The purest form of love anyone could ever witness is mothers love. Mother's are true creators of our existence. A newborn child is like a clean slate on which our moms carefully and lovingly carve everlasting imprints on their minds. A mother gives their children's life shape and meaning the same way a potter gives shape to clay. The most difficult task to do is to be a mother and she does it so perfectly always with a smiling face.Have you ever wondered where does she get's the strenght from? Most of the people love the external you, some love your heart but moms are the only one who can love your soul. The world started loving you from the day you were born but she started loving you nine months before the world did. She didn't know your colour, neither did she know that are you physically disabled or not, all she knew was there is a beautiful heart in her womb that she needs to furnish to the fulliest.The first world that comes out of everyones mouth when in pain is mom, isn't it?This is because she is the greatest source of strenght in every children's life. When do you get the most satisfactory sleep? A person asked, I smiled and replied when my head is on my mothers lap and her hand on my head. She will be the one who will help you turn your tears into strenght, your fear into confidence and your pain into comfort. As soon as you reach home your eyes search for that one face only and mind is disturbed unless and untill you see her. Thats the impact she has on your life.It's so well that-


To be with your mom is a wonder blessing, cherish, work hard and make her proud because in this selfish world all a mother wants is to see their children shinning as one of the brightest stars.

I remembered my mother'ss prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me in life!


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