Another Pappu Who Is Successful

Parth Gulati
Mar 22, 2019   •  11 views

Indian Politics now-adays is surrounded by the election propoganda revolving around two eminent personalities Pappu & Feku . But Delhi is just like very unfaithful wife , it attracts every fascinating bachelor. In India, politics is a marshy place from where it is impossible to return irrespective of this fact the youth is ready to jump in it. Full of corruption and reservation is what defines our Indian politics

Who is "Pappu"?

In the eastern coastal state Orissa, there is a man who is dreaming for PM's chair. You guessed right , we are talking about Naveen Patnaik . You would be glad be know his nickname is Pappu. He is Orissa's CM since 18 years. He is known for his introvert and silent behaviour. He is ruthless and terrific politician who eleminates his enemy very easily. BJP wants to compensate his loss in Uttar Pradesh from Orissa in 2019 Lok Sabha Election. Patnaik is son of Odisha's Ex CM Biju Patnaik.

Patnaik in this election is the flag bearer of the third front. He does not know Oriya or Hindi proficiency but his charisma is giving him commend of the state.Although Naveen Patnaik had a silver spoon in his mouth owing to his father's successful political carrer, patnaik took no time is establishing himself as the popular leader of the state. Patnaik had long being condemning the central government over their mining policies as he beleived that these activities brought economic unstabilities in Orissa . It would be interesting to see that wether his motto " No Speech , Only Hardwork " will prevail or Modi's attacking strategies against "Pappu" of Orissa.