Smartphones have become an extension of humans. It's sort of like we store our brains on them. They are not just for watching cute cat videos or to check out the latest news but it can also help increase productivity and help the students to become their best versions. Here are some apps which can help students to study and be on top of the things:

1. My Study Life

A perfect way to keep track of tasks, exams, and classes all on your phone. Easy to use and is perfect for high school and college students. All the important dates and events that you want to keep track of can be included. As well as the deadlines that you want to set for yourself or that you want to reach.

2. Quiz let

It's an essential in education these days. Quizlet is a lovely flash card app that has saved my grades time and time again. Easy to use with a clean execution. You can make sets of flashcards on your own or search for the related ones. The exercises are interactive and constant repetition will make you learn any topic by heart.

3. Socratic

Don’t know an answer? Don’t have a review guide to check from? Never fear, socratic is here. This app scans questions or has you type them in and will give you full length responses explaining answers. When you put in a question, they site different sites from all over the internet that can provide you the perfect solution needed.

4. Evernote

Like Quizlet, Evernote is another essential. Once again, very simple and beautiful. You can take notes, pictures, write, draw, record audio and video, make lists, collaborate with others and so much more.

5. Memrise

The cutest language learning app for the slow pacers. This app has sections for different topics which can get a little time to get a hang of. But the exercises and the cute flower that grows and the rockets make the app worth it. It has various courses and languages available. Even maths. › apps

6. Forest

Oh forest, this app provides rewards for keeping on track and working hard. You set a timer for how long you want a session to be and begin planting a tree. The tree will die if you exit the app. It also provides you with points and rewards with which you can get a new tree, bush or a sound. Its really effective and you can choose different plants and bushes to grow and even background sounds to play while you're studying or concentrating.

7. Motivate

Ever in a slump? Wanna give up? This app will provide you with quick motivational speeches to get you moving. new videos keep getting uploaded and are a great joy to watch.