Importance Of Content Writing.

Nivit Karki
Mar 20, 2019   •  13 views
Pen is mightier than the sword.

The field of content writing is accelerating and many students and working-class people are enrolling themselves in this field. Their sole motive is to create quality! But before starting, let us know what is content.

Content is anything thatis expressedthrough some medium such as speech, writing or any other form of expression. Theycan beexpressed both in the form of information or communication. In the marketing field, content is information or experience of their products directly to the audience.

While reading the specification of any new gadget or reviewing any new restaurant in your locality, some content writers must have written those articles to guide you. Many companies believe that good content is one of the reasons for better marketing. Hence digital marketing and content go together. Let us now see the importance of content in digital marketing:

1)Influences better.
Researchers have proved that customers make purchases on the brand if they can find and feel a connection with them.For Example, Coca-Cola tagline“Refreshingly Delicious”will provoke more customers to switch to the drink.

2)Increases engagements.
Let us take the example of YouTube; you all might have a favorite YouTuber. Now question yourself-Why do you love him/her? And the answer is simple content. You tend to follow those personalities and websites that deliver better content. Good content encourages people to follow their discussions and articles.

Better content helps to draw more audience towards your website. Many companies believe that good content is one of the major contributors to their overall website traffic. Quality content can improve your overall place in the search result.

4)Improves website ranking.
Those who are aware of SEO would know the importance of SERP rankings. These rankingsare decidedby a set of algorithms. Better ranking means a better place in the search result. And user impulsively clicks the top result hence that means better business.

5)Act as view“stealer”.
Better content not only improves your ranking but also earns a link from another website. The more your contentis mentionedby another website, the better you get rewarded in terms ofSERPranking.

Good content is like a treasure trove for website and writers, their makers! That’s why companies are spending appreciable moneyto increase their customer base.